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A Season of Stunners
I just unhooked it in the net and let it
At a little after midnight I had
another take on the same rod, and this
was a different fight altogether. On
picking up the rod I could barely get it
above horizontal; the fish was so
powerful, making huge lunges for the
weedbed. I held firm and didn't allow
the fish any line, after about 40 seconds of shit or bust tactics, the fish
kited left and into open water where it
ripped me to shreds for 15 minutes in
the darkness and calmness of the
lake. I could just hear rolling and
sploshing from out of the darkness,
but eventually the dark shadowy silhouette rolled into the net. I got
everything sorted; sack, scales, etc,
then went to see what prize I had
caught. On looking into the net I
couldn't believe my eyes – the fish I
had joined the syndicate to catch,
Apple Slice, was there in my net, and
in my opinion the epitome of what a
carp should look like. I weighed her in
at 39lb 2oz and sacked her up until
first light. In the photos she looked
simply stunning; dark chestnut and
black with huge golden scales, and
probably my best capture ever. Later
that day I was lucky enough to catch
a 23lb 10oz mirror, but to be honest, it
was all a bit of a blur as you can imagine. I didn't manage to get back in the
swim after that, but a friend of mine
did manage to catch the Twin at 49lb
15oz on the same bait from the Beach,
which was the one fish I was hoping
to catch from that area of the lake, but
again, I can save that for another season.
After the previous two months of
stressful but worthwhile fishing, I
decided to have some more relaxing
fishing on some local lakes. I'd spent
the last 15 years trying to catch a fish
(Above) Frimley 22.14
(Right) Frimley 28.06


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