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A Season of Stunners
called The Italian from a local day
ticket water. All my mates had caught
it, all the local kids had caught it, and
it was a running joke that I had managed to bank most of the other residents, but the friendliest fish in the
lake had eluded me for so long. A concerted effort and baiting campaign
was put into place, and over the next
five-day session I managed to land 38
fish including six 20lb+ fish, and
finally the Italian at 21lb 10oz. The fish
were loving the new Winter Peach
bait I had formulated, and it was the
perfect place to start the testing of a
new bait. The fish were almost crawling up the bank for the stuff. One in
particular I caught twice in eight
days, and it had put on 2lbs in that
time. In total I had done 56 hours fishing for 48 takes from carp, but the
main thing was to have finally caught
my nemesis.
I had a charity event to attend on
Sandhurst Lake in mid-November, the
event was organised by my mate
Gareth to raise money for McMillan
Nurses, and to honour his mate Bubbles, who had tragically died that
year. So with 20-odd carp anglers all
lined up waiting for a peg, but most of
(Above) Jekyll & Hyde 28.06
(Below) Tri lakes 26 likes his peach.
them with a good social planned, I
was getting into the atmosphere, and
there was plenty of banter between
all the guys. But I now find it hard to
just fish and have a social; I have to
work at my fishing, otherwise I feel I
have wasted a weekend. Fortunately
my mate Funky (Sean) and I had
secured the island swims, so we
could get on with some proper
angling, whilst most of the lads
enjoyed a beer or seven. Again I had
bought down the Winter Peach to
give it a try, and I had baited heavily
in open water, and in a small back
channel to the island. That first


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