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A Season of Stunners
evening went quietly on the fishing
front, but very noisily on the social
side of things, but that's what this
event was, a social to remember Bubbles. I'm sure he would have appreciated the lads’ efforts and frowned
upon my stubbornness to be determined to catch a carp.
Anyway, to cut a long story short,
after getting cleaned out on the channel rod on the first night, I put more
bait in and at 6pm on the Saturday,
had a take. It was a tight gap in the
treeline, so I hit the rod, Sean dived in
with the net, and we scooped out a
carp. At first it looked about low 20's,
then I tilted it on its side and it looked
like a big 20. On lifting her from the
water it felt a bit bigger than our estimates, and on further inspection it
turned out to be Nigel's Fish at 36lb
4oz – a welcome result for my first
visit to the lake. So Bubbles, that one’s
for you!
My next port of call was Frimley Pit
1. This pit lies behind the famous Pit
3, and isn't fished much, but it's shallow and sheltered – all the perfect
ingredients for a winter water. After a
couple of baiting trips midweek, my
first session was on the Saturday, and
being days only, I was travelling light
with barely any kit. I'd sprinkled a bit
of bait all over the lake the evening
before, and put about 2kg in the
biggest snag in the lake, but I set up
in the shallowest swim that had the
most sun on it.
After about an hour, another angler
on the lake had a take and landed a
big common, so I went round to have
a look and it was a lovely fish of 29lbs,
but it was crapping my bait out all
over this poor guy's leg, hands, net, in
fact everywhere – I've never seen so
much bait come out of a fish at this
time of year. So I had a think, and
decided the fish must have been on
the bigger bed of bait in the big snag,
so a quick move round the other side
of the lake, and 25 minutes later I had
a 24lb common, then 30 minutes after
that a 26lb common. As I was
unhooking that the other rod went,
and my mate Josh who was on his
way round to take pics of the first fish
had to grab his net to land the second
one, which turned out to be 25lbs, and
then an hour later a 22lb mirror rolled
into the net. What a day, and what a
start with the new bait! Just to top
things off at 4.30pm with only a few
mins before we had to leave, I had
another take and landed a 28lb 5oz
I was back the following day with
my confidence overflowing, but I was
bought back to reality with a bang.
The weather had changed; it was
colder, windy and overcast, but at
midday I had a take from the snag,
and after a prolonged fight landed a
fish called Jekyll and Hyde, one of my
target fish, and at 28lbs it was another
cold-water lump on the Winter Peach.
Over the next few day sessions I
had a few more 20's and so did Josh,
Jake and Jack who were on the bait
with me, and that brings me up to the
end of the year. I hope you guys enjoy
the pics of the fish, and it just goes to
prove, it's not all about the weight of
the fish we catch – the looks and history are just as important. n
Tri lakes 20+ ghostie.


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