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Northern Exposure
Autumn Hauling by Tim Childs
here’s an old nursery
rhyme that goes
something along the
lines of, “Remember,
remember, the 5th of
November…” Thinking back to the period around bonfire
night I can think of many a wet and
windy evening over the years spent
out on the bank watching the fireworks go off around my head and
catching carp. The run up to early
November is an excellent time to be
out fishing; the leaves are scattered
on the ground, and everything including the carp are getting ready for the
winter. The last few weeks on the
Park Lake have been spent in pursuit
of a big autumn hit, introducing bait
regularly and in quantity, hoping for a
number of fish to get in on the act and
start feeding heavily.
Fat little 20lb mirror
In the last week or so of September
I made a conscious decision to pull
out all the stops and try to pile in as
many hours as possible, so sacrifices
of work, friends and socialising were
made, and I could think of only one
thing, getting amongst a few of the
Park Lake residents as the cooler
weather made its presence felt.
Angling pressure had dropped off
considerably and with Leek Matt and
I being the only ones putting in any
time during the week we were free to
do as we pleased. To be honest the
weekends were not that busy either,
with only one or two others anglers
willing to stick it out. Adam Stonier
was one angler who was there sticking it out every weekend, and he continued his successful campaign with
a couple of good weekend sessions
including banking three 20’s to 26lb
12oz in one morning’s fishing.
The run of bad luck I’d had, the fish
losses that I mentioned last month,
was still quite vivid in my mind, but I
tried to concentrate on moving forward and made sure to double check
everything religiously. Hook points,
leader knots and hooklinks were continuously scrutinised for any weak
points – I wasn’t taking any more
chances. With the water as clear as if
it was from the tap things were sure
to get a little harder, so I decided to
change my main line and re-spooled
with my usual line, Gardner’s Xcelon,
but replaced my favourite green
colour with their clear version.
Whether this would make any difference I wasn’t sure, but when the
going gets tough you have to pull as
many rabbits out of the hat as you
can! With the weather looking good


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