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Northern Exposure
(Above) October is a lovely time to be
out and catching.
(Below) New leaders were the order of
the day.
(Below right) Time for the ES’s and
little reels.
little more could be achieved, but little did I know at the time what was to
transpire over the next few days, and
how it would completely change my
plans for the rest of the year.
As the day drew on it became obvious that the weather conditions were
against us; flat calm sunny days were
just not productive, and with no
chance of wind we called it a day. As
I loaded the barrow and set off to the
car park it dawned on me that this
could well be the last session of 2007.
A strange sort of feeling had been
w i t h m e a l l d a y, a n d f o r s o m e
unknown reason it was one I couldn’t
seem to shake off. All of a sudden I felt
a little bored with the same old
scenery and tactics, and felt I’d got
somewhat stale in my fishing. With
the winter around the corner it was
now time to come up with a new plan
before it was too late – somewhere
fresh and with a new set of problems
and challenges to overcome. Winter
on the Park Lake had been kind to me
in the past, and even though over a
couple of days I went from one
extreme to another, for now all of a
sudden I had my sights on something
else. Despite feeling like I’d left a job
half done there was always next year
to bank a few more of the Park Lake
fish, so with these thoughts firmly
planted in my mind I knew it was
time to call it a day and look elsewhere for my next adrenalin pumping
As I mulled over these thoughts
over the next few days, and with the
capture of another huge fish to one of
my friends, the answer suddenly
became clear, and within a couple of
hours I was mooching around the
new water, eyes straining to find its
inhabitants and give me a few clues
with which to start. After a productive
few hours looking I was off home,
checking out all the gear. New rods
were set up, fresh line was loaded
onto the reels, ESP leadcore leaders
were tied up, and I got busy sorting
out new bait to use. Courtesy of Lewis
Read at Gardner Tackle I received a
batch of their new Camfusion hooklink in 10lb BS, and their size 10 Longshank Mugga hooks, which I felt


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