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Northern Exposure
would be perfect for the oncoming
winter. After spending the next couple of days at work I was ready to go,
and with one eye on the weather I
began to formulate a plan, one that
hopefully would see me holding the
biggest carp in the area. So as I closed
one chapter on the Park Lake another
more exciting and challenging one
was just about to start, and with the
leaves dropping from the trees it was
time to start on a new autumn and
winter adventure.
Before we end this month’s piece
I’ll just sum up a few of the local captures that have happened over the
last month or so. Firstly another
chunky mirror of 36lb 4oz graced the
bank from a local syndicate water and
then the news leaked out of a massive
capture to Liverpool angler Ritchie
Latham and his amazing run of big
fish from a large Cheshire’s country
park, topped by a huge personal best
and new Cheshire record, a 46lb 12oz
common earlier this year. Then to top
it all off he only goes and catches it
again in September at 46lbs! This
huge fish came out in the same week
as another 46lb record common from
nearby Shropshire, and as you can
imagine the local grapevine was
buzzing with the news, as 45lb-plus
commons are pretty rare nationally
never mind round these parts!
Ritchie’s captures have already hit
the magazines, and unfortunately
some of the Internet users have made
one or two negative comments
regarding this, but I’d just like to take
the opportunity to say a personal well
done to Ritchie on an excellent couple of years and to take no notice of all
the negative people out there who
seem unhappy unless they’re slating
someone for something. Just get on
with what you obviously seem good
at – catching big carp. Having spoken
to him on numerous occasions it
becomes obvious that Rich’s passion
for carp fishing runs as deep as anyone I’ve met, and that he’s more than
willing to put in that extra effort to
achieve his goals. The country park
he’s been fishing has more than its
share of problems to overcome, but by
baiting at regular intervals with large
20mm Mainline Maple-8 boilies Rich
nailed the big girl at around 50yds
range on a short wet and windy
morning session. The take came
shortly after casting to showing fish,
and it fell to a large hookbait fished on
a size 6 Korda Longshank X hook.
Despite some people on the Internet
doing their best to put Rich down
after what should have been the highlight of his angling career, and to
prove what a capable angler he now
is, he shut them all up by banking
another 40lb common two weeks
later, caught this time off the top and
in early October from another northern stillwater. To say this is an amazing achievement is not really doing
those captures justice. Suffice to say
that in a few short weeks Ritchie
Latham’s achieved what no other
northern angler has achieved before,
and in my view he must now be the
main contender for northwest angler
of the year.
Then as if that wasn’t enough, by
some magical carpy powers the
grapevine was electric with the news
that Farmwood Pool had produced
the much sought after Slate Grey Mirror at a massive 45lbs! Wow, the
northwest was kicking off big time,
and who knows how long before we
have our first 50lb carp? I’m not
totally sure of the chap who caught
this cracking looking mirror, as Farmwood captures are kept pretty quiet
these days, but for the record, “Well
done that man.” Then just as we’d all
got over three different 45lb-plus fish
in a couple of weeks, and to top off an
autumn period never to be forgotten,
in a very short period of time my good
friend Matt Shaw banked the awesome and much sought after Brick Pit
Common at 39lb 2oz. Matt’s been featured before in this series, as he
started off with me on the Park Lake
way back in April. Matt’s tactics were
to steadily apply his chosen bait, the
excellent Premier Baits Super Mari-
(Above) All tucked away, hidden from
prying eyes.
(Top right) A new water meant a new
bait to try out.
(Right) Richie Latham with his
awesome 46lb northwest common.


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