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Technical Rig Design
(Below left) I am going to use these
Armapoint SSBP hooks for this rig _
(Middle left) This Dark Mantis is a
fairly new product on the market, but
a good one.
(Bottom left) Take 12ins of hooklink,
form an overhand loop, and pass the
tag end back through.
(Below right) Wrap the tag end four
times round the main hooklength
and pass back through the first
overhand loop
(Middle right) Moisten the knot, pull
up slowly and it should leave a loop
like this, then trim the tag end.
(Bottom right) Do the same for the
other end of the book section, but add
a micro swivel like so.
be regular haunts, and this is where
the observation element of your fishing will pay dividends.
I hear anglers mention about the
smelly silt and clean silt, black silt,
grey silt, and all manner of silt-based
hypotheses, but from my own personal experience of fishing silty venues, I have to say that I have not
found one particular type of silt that is
any better than another, having
caught fish from heavily leafy detritus
right down to clean areas of fine silt. I
have based this statement purely on
my observations, which I am sure the
masses will argue over, but when I
have been busy with the marker and
retrieved all manner of silty mess, the
one consistent factor in the whole
findings was that bloodworm were
present throughout. This would then
concur with the observation findings,
which were that carp were feeding in
all the areas at some point in time,
with no real preference to the type of
silt, just as long as the bloodworm
were present. So, up to this juncture
in the article we have hopefully established, through work with the marker
rod and observation, the location of


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