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Technical Rig Design
(Top) Then using a Solar tube tool, add
the buffer bead, 6mm round beads
and leadcore back stop to the leader.
(Middle) These new flexi-ring
Clamlock Swivels from Atomic are
great for the helicopter setup.
(Bottom) The final helicopter setup
should resemble this.
deposits via the breakdown of leaf
matter over time. This will have lead
to considerable silt deposition, and
you may well be talking about feet
rather than inches when assessing
the depth of it. Conversely, medium to
large gravel pits will generally be a lot
younger, and although you will get
silty pockets here and there, the layer
o f s i l t w i l l b e v e r y s h a l l o w, b u t
nonetheless worthy of your attention
if bloodworm are present.
I used to fish a very silty club lake of
around three acres in size, and it was
exceedingly rich in its biodiversity
with a bountiful supply of natural food
to keep the carp busy enough not to
really need to eat anglers’ baits, so
they were a tricky prospect to tempt.
However, they are only carp at the
end of the day, and we are supposed
to be the intelligent ones on the
planet, so enticing them would be
merely a hurdle to overcome, and
once their gastronomic requirements
were met in the right place and at the
right time they would be caught. Well,
I made that sound easy! In truth however, it was considerably more difficult than that, and I was to spend
many blank sessions on there before
its secrets were given up. I can't
emphasize enough the importance of
observation, and those blank sessions
are still useful learning tools because
all the subtle indications of fish activity are just pieces in the puzzle. Keep
a mental or written note of times,
weather, areas, dates etc, and this
information will greatly help you in
your pursuit of a large carp or two,
regardless of venue difficulty. Whilst I
am not really built for nimbly scaling
the limbs of waterside trees as observation platforms, I do spend as much
time as possible scanning the lake for
signs, and on several occasions those
subtle indications have been all that
was needed to nick a fish in what otherwise would have been a blank session.
So for my particular rig approach
for fishing in the silt, I like to use a
slightly longer than average hooklink


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