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Technical Rig Design
ture sequence to see how all the elements come together and form
another useful addition to your rig
arsenal. Hopefully you will have some
food for thought, and it may just put
another fish in your album.
Well now that you have read about
how I tackle my silt pit fishing, and
one of my suitable rigs it gives me
great pleasure to introduce one of
(Above) 33.14 Common – Frimley Pit 3
(Below) 30.03 – Swan Valley
carp fishing's new stars, Dave Magalhaes. This young man has been very
successful on all the venues he has
fished, ranging from some of the
Royal Park Lakes, Linch Hill, Silvermere, Swan Valley and Frimley to
name but a few. He has an uncanny
ability to get in tune with the venues
very quickly, and when asked what
his single most important edge is,
Dave instantly replied that observation is the single most important factor in his fishing. At least we are
united in that, but that’s where the
similarity ends as Dave is leagues
ahead of me when it comes to catching them! He informs me that he is as
happy to spend 5-6 hours up a tree
watching the fish as he is spending
time behind his rods fishing for them,
and he reckons to have spent more
time looking at them than he has fishing for them! 2007 has seen this talented young angler bank no less than
two different 40lb commons and a
whole host of 30’s from several venues to add to the tally, however the
icing on the cake must be the fact
that he was awarded the prestigious
accolade of being Anglers Mail Carp
Angler Of The Year for his fantastic
angling triumphs. No mean feat with
the high standard of anglers out there,
and all from a working man who has a
full time job in the carp tackle emporium, Gerry's of Wimbledon
(www.gerrysofwimbledon.co.uk), and
who fishes on a very limited amount
of time. Dave is fast earning a reputation as one of the best anglers out
there on an hour for hour basis, and if
he continues with the kind of form
already exhibited, he will be one of
the angling stars of the future. Dave is
a very modest and unassuming young
man, and although he has caught
some immense carp he remains firmly


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