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Technical Rig Design
(Top left) The preferred essentials for
the rig construction.
(Middle left) Dave relies on the
Jellywire to get his leviathans to the
(Bottom left) For the sharp end, Dave
loves these stiff riggers.
(Top right) Dave starts off by
modifying the stiff rigger by
straightening the eye with forceps.
(Middle right) Once the bait is
mounted on the hair, the silicone
sleeve is added before securing the
(Bottom right) Carefully get the hook
threaded through the silicone as
grounded, and is very knowledgeable
and approachable with a helpful manner, which is a refreshing change in
this competitive day and age.
Well, Dave is here to show us one of
his top rigs for fishing in silt, and no
doubt one that has accounted for
more than its fair share of big, guileful,
old carp, so let’s see just see what you
need rig-wise to be Carp Angler Of
The Year, as we delve in to his tackle
box to see how and why he uses all
the terminal elements of the rig. Dave
is a big fan of the ESP range of terminal bits, and for the sharp end he
prefers the use of a straight pointed
Teflon-coated hook, as it offers him a
greater hooking efficiency, but I was
surprised when he pulled out a
packet of MK2 Stiff Riggers rather
than a pack of Big T’s. Nothing
unusual in that I hear you say, but
Dave likes to adapt them slightly by
altering the angle of the eye with a
carefully applied bit of pressure from
some forceps (as can be seen from the
pictures). I thought this would alter
the strength characteristics of the
hook, but he assures me that none of
them have ever failed, and if it is good
enough for him, who am I to argue?
He likes to modify the Stiff Riggers


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