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Technical Rig Design
(Left) Single Scale 35.02 – Bushey Park
(Below) The Rudder 31.04 – Bushey
with it, and Dave’s philosophy with
his baiting is to give them enough for
a bite, so he would include a small
bag with perhaps two or three whole
baits and that same in chops, and as
long as it is in the feeding zone it will
be a taker, such is the confidence he
has in his bait, Tails Up’s OCM, something he has helped to formulate so
he knows just what goes in it and
why. As can be seen from Dave’s pic-
tures, the fruits of his efforts speak for
themselves, and it has been a real
pleasure to have his valuable input in
this series. I would like to thank Dave
for spending one of his rare days off
with me and taking the time to impart
some of his tips, and I am sure the
readers will glean plenty of new ideas
from his rig theories and hopefully
utilize them in their own fishing.
So I have come to the end of
another one of my rig pieces for this
month, and by the time you are reading this we will be well on the way to
winter fishing and all the intricacies
that go with it. The dark nights are
long and getting colder, and with the
onset of winter we will need to adapt
our approaches and choice of venues
to hopefully keep banking those carp.
So next month I am going to be looking at some winter tips and rigs, I
have got another special guest to give
us his rig tips for tackling cold
w e a t h e r c a r p i n g. T h i s a n g l e r i s
another haulin’ machine; he is constantly in the angling press with his
impressive captures, and he is certainly not far from a big carp or two. In
fact as I write this, he has recently
landed a 48lb mirror from a private
syndicate water, so don’t miss next
month’s installment when big fish
supremo Rick Golder will be letting us
into his tackle box as he prepares one
of his successful winter rigs. Until
then, be lucky, stay warm, and may
you remain focused through those
long winter nights! n


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