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Carp Care and Safety
are a couple I would recommend, and
there are loads more companies out
there that sell landing nets to cater for
all budgets. Some of the other companies worth checking out are Greys,
Fox and Nash, who all supply good
nets, but one thing I will say before I
move on from the subject is that its
worth spending that bit extra on a net
as I have found the cheaper ones on
the market will not last long, and they
do say, “Buy cheap, buy twice.”
Unhooking Mats
When you go to buy an unhooking
mat you should always go for the mat
that will offer you the most protection. Don’t just think about the
weight, think about how a big fish
will be absorbed into the padding, are
there enough polyballs to cushion the
fish? Is the foam dense enough? Will
it get waterlogged? Is it fish friendly
material? Is the surface area large
enough? These are just some of the
criteria you will need to draw upon
when choosing an appropriate mat.
Again as in the landing net section
of the article I am going to take a look
at some of the mats I have used, and
would recommend.
First up would have to be the Nix
unhooking mat, regarded by many as
the best mat on the market, and who
am I to argue? Used by the likes of
Terry Hearn and Nigel Sharp, this mat
comes in olive green and camo, and is
the old school of mats with just foam
instead of the new trend of polyballs.
The mat is big enough for any English
carp, and it comes with a Velcro cover
so if the fish starts to liven up, all you
need to do is pull the Velcro strap over
and leave her to calm down for a few
minutes. Also the mat has a small
kneeling pad on it so if it’s muddy
there is no need to get too dirty. I have
used this mat with carp up to 64lbsplus in Europe, so it is more than big
enough for your average UK 40 and
50! Next up is a new mat from
Angling Intelligence, a new company
in the marketplace as of this year. You
(Top) The enormous AI mat is capable
of holding the biggest carp that swim
anywhere in the world.
(Middle) When lifting your fish,
ensure ther fins are flat to theirbodies
to avoid damaging them.
(Bottom) Ensure your mat is large
enough for your intended quarry. This
Nix version is more than capable of
holding this 30lb-plus common.


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