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Carp Care and Safety
just know the range of products will
be excellent when you have the likes
of big fish angler Steve Pagulatos and
Paul Terry designing them. I have just
started using their mat, and it has got
to be one of the best mats on the market, definitely big enough to cater for
any carp in the world let alone the UK,
this mat is based on the new design
using both polyballs and foam, and it
has many extras including pockets for
scales and antiseptic solutions.
These are just two of the mats I
have used, but there are a plethora of
good quality mats available, and some
of the new cradle type mats are also
worthy of a mention. They offer
unprecedented protection, as the fish
cannot slide from their confines, and
can be carried safely to the water’s
edge with no danger of an accident.
Indeed, Fox have just released an
inflatable mat with raised sides, and
this is ideal where space is at a premium, and again it offers great protection for the fish. Before I leave the
subject of mats, I am going to have a
moan at some of the tackle manufacturers out there that produce some of
the cheaper mats on the market, say
the £9.99 sort of mat. What kind of
example or message are they trying
to put out to some of the newcomers
to the sport? There should be a minimum size set by fisheries for an
acceptable mat, and bailiffs need to
enforce this important point rather
than worrying if you have got a fag
butt on the floor of your swim. Clubs
need to ensure that people are educated about fish welfare, and it starts
on the frontline with their bailiffs
advising and recommending appropriate products for the intended
species. Rant over!
Weigh Slings
Next up has to be weigh slings.
Again you see so many anglers with
slings too small for the carp to fit in,
and that’s when we start to see tails
and fins breaking. The first of the
slings I would like to mention is the AI
(Top) The new Angling Intelligence
sling is regarded as one of the best
(Middle) Fox do a very useful
weighing hook, which is easily
attached to a landing net pole to make
weighing fish both safe and easy.
(Bottom) The AI sling is a superb
weighing aid and comfortably holds
this 30lb-plus common.


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