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Carp Care and Safety
(Top) Just under 32lbs, this is how it
came out of the water, and it should
go back the same way – pristine!
(Bottom) Gently get the fish fully
recovered before releasing it, and
ensure it swims away strongly.
sling, which I class as being in a
league of its own, and I think it
knocks spots off any other sling on
the market. The catch is this sling is
based on the original Fox Safety Sling
with rigid arms, but it has been
improved dramatically since then. It
is based on the same principles with
the rigid arms, but they fold so you
can pack the sling into a small parcel
unlike the old styles, which are still
quite long. Also this sling has meshing all around the outside, which
allows it to be free draining, which not
only does it make it lighter, but you
can use it as a short term retainer as
well. Again there are so many companies out there that make weigh slings,
but some of the other ones I would
recommend are the Gardner Sling,
Tr a k k e r ’s n e w A r m o S l i n g, a n d
another one I used for the last few
years before getting the AI one was
the Solar sling, which is excellent
with its yellow handles and basic
mesh construction. This packs away
very small, and is a good entry-level
sling for the beginner or fan of soft
Well what can I say about sacks
other than if you don’t have to use
one, then please don’t? There are so
many fish lost each year because people don’t know how to sack carp
properly. There is a lot of controversy
surrounding the use of sacks, and
there are some definite dos and don’ts
regarding their use. Never sack a fish
in shallow water, or in weed, or in
direct sunlight. Always make sure the
sack is secured to a robust bankstick,
and if possible, attach a float to the
sack for a visual aid. Make sure you
have a long cord on the sack, make
sure the fish’s head is at the opposite
end to the zip closure point, and only
ever sack the fish for the absolute
minimum time, checking periodically
to ensure it is not becoming distressed. One particular fish died over
a sacking incident, the fish I class as
the best fish this country has ever
had, and that was Mary. Linch Hill’s
Petals also succumbed to the same


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