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Carp Care and Safety
(Left) The Thinking Anglers carp care
kit is an angling essential to protect
your beloved quarry from infections
and to treat wounds.
(Bottom) Here is my preferred range of
carp care protection equipment.
deeper water. The next one I would
recommend after seeing my mate use
it is the new ESP one, which also doubles up as a sling. Again it’s big
enough so there will be plenty of
room for the fish, it comes in a nice
dark green colour, and with a lovely
soft mesh. I am not sure if this comes
with an extension cord already supplied, but for a few quid more, get one.
Some of the other ones I would recommend are Cotswold Aquarius,
Berkley, and Aqua who all supply
excellent products, and you know
that you are buying into a safe product for the fish, which is what it is all
tragic fate over a sacking incident, so
exercise extreme caution when sacking fish. The golden rule is that if you
are not sure, then DON’T!
A few considerations when choosing a sack are to ensure it is made of
a free-flowing, soft mesh and has solid
tying points as well as a zip that
needs firm pressure to operate. You
still want your prize to be there when
you get it out, so slack zips are a definite no. If you have to sack fish, there
are a couple of sacks I would recommend, and the first one is the Gardner
sack, which is again very big, and it’s
a lovely green soft mesh so it wont
rub against the fish and lift scales.
Gardner also produce an extension
cord to go with the sack giving you an
extra 5m so the fish can get into the
As I have already mentioned it’s
always important to carry some kind
of antiseptic with you as you never
know when you will need to use it. Its
not like years ago when there where
only a few companies that used to
produce a antiseptic solution, now
you have several companies that produce fish protection solutions, and
with Kryston leading the way as the
first company to offer a clinically dedicated fish antiseptic and antibacterial solution, others were quick to follow suit. Indeed, one of the better kits
available at the moment is the Carp
Care kit from Thinking Anglers, which
has a special separate solution for the
mouth and the body as well as some
cotton buds for solution application.
It’s always worth remembering that
it’s inevitable carp will get damaged,
be it from spawning or losing scales,
to mouth damage, so it’s definitely
worth buying one of these carpy medications, but make sure that you know
whatever solutions you are using are
for fish treatment specifically – don’t
get inventive with off-the-shelf products from the chemist, as it isn’t
worth the risk.
That’s all the space I have for this
article, and I hope I have given you
some food for thought with regards to
carp safety. In next month’s piece we
are going to start to look at preparing
for winter, so until then, go out and
catch yourself an autumn whacker. n


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