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In Search of Monster Carp
ob: It’s the first week
of September and I
have made an enjoyable trip back down
to the Road Lake situated next door to Fox
Pool. It’s a bit of a coincidence actually, because I remember fishing
down here in the late 80’s, at the time
I wrote the book Fox Pool. I was actually fishing on the lake for a couple of
seasons after the book was written
and now, 20 years later, here I am
pulling into the car park having just
reprinted Fox Pool. It hasn’t been
around for 20 years and I took delivery
of them on Friday, so yes, a bit of a
coincidence there. Unfortunately I
didn’t have any of them in the back of
the car this time, but I remember selling a few out of the back of my car
last time and making a few quid for
the pub. I should have thought of that
before I came down here.
Anyway, I’ve met up with an old,
old friend of mine, Mark Dean, aka
Kodak, who’s been around in the carp
fishing scene for more years than we
care to remember, and we were just
saying, where the bloody hell has it all
gone? I first had contact with Mark
through his photographic work actually; he did some superb blow-ups of
the Harefield fish that I caught, and
I’ve kept in contact with him over this
20-year period as he’s moved from
lake to lake. What we’re going to do
this issue is an in-a-nutshell look at
Mark’s fishing over the past 20-plus
years. Now Mark is not very good at
dates; he’s just told me so, so it’s
probably going to end up all rolled
into the same year, but roughly
speaking, we’re talking about 1987,
the start of his carp fishing, and in that
time he fished many of the great
waters that have become absolute
legends now that carp fishing is in its
commercial state. Of course things
were a lot different then as we were
just talking about. I’m going to pass
the microphone over to Mark, and it’s
the first time he’s done a tape so bear
with him, and he’s going to tell you all
about his fishing over the past 20-plus
So Mark, where did it all start for
you, mate?
(Top) Chilham 6lb 8oz.
(Middle) Early days at Chilham.
(Bottom) Fordwich 11lb 13oz.


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