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In Search of Monster Carp
Mark: Well Rob, I’m going to go
back a few years now. It all started for
me at Chilham Castle. I saw an advert
in the paper with these commons,
and I thought they looked fantastic.
They could only have been 2 or 3lbs,
but when you’ve been chasing roach
and everything, they were big. So I got
my name down, got in the club, and I
just plodded along, just fishing down
there for these little wildies and I was
having a ball. It was just Saturday’s,
to Saturday afternoon, and then I just
progressed from there. I met Geoff
Bowers down there and then I got
into Fordwich through the back door,
well actually not the back door; I put
my name down as Mark Dean correctly, and there was a guy called
James Dean, so I used his address
and I got in there. I got pally with
Geoff and I thought that this was for
me. I caught my first ever 20 down at
Fordwich, which unfortunately I don’t
have the photographs of. Fordwich
was a big learning experience for me;
it was a caster’s water, and obviously
since I was just getting into carp fishing, I wasn’t really a caster, but I persevered. When you look back at the
reels you had then, compared to now,
it’s amazing you ever got the distances that you did. I persevered and
like I say, Geoff was a big help, I was
using his Premier bait at the time, and
he did bend over backwards to help
me out big time. I think he’s like that
with most people, and the old boy is
still going now – fatter, but he’s still
So, from Fordwich I went up to Horton Kirby, and I was mainly fishing on
my own because none of my friends
fished. I was living up in Bermondsey
at the time, and it wasn’t the thing to
be doing, but I wanted to keep at it
and learn the ropes and Horton Kirby
seemed a good place to go, so I persevered down there. I caught some nice
fish, and they had a lot of history
behind the fish. Like I say, I was on
the Premier; I was putting loads in
and getting takes, and it was all just a
learning curve. I got stuck in one way
because I learned so much, and I didn’t really want to have to ask people
because you feel a bit stupid, but I
dropped out a little bit and didn’t start
going so much because I was getting
a bit despondent, but I spoke to Geoff
and he steered me in the right direction. From there I went on to Dedaps,
which is part of the same waters as


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