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In Search of Monster Carp
H o r t o n K i r b y. T h e t r o u b l e w i t h
Dedaps was it was so busy on a Friday night; you’d go down there and it
was very hard to get a swim. It was a
very popular water, and the fish were
absolutely stunning – they’re sort of
part of the same sort of fish as Sutton
because it used to be the same lake
when they were all joined up, and
they used to get moved about a bit.
Anyway, big old scaly girls they were,
really nice, so I did a little bit on there,
but then I dropped out of it a little bit
a n d w o r k t o o k o v e r. I w a s a l o t
younger than I am now, and I had to
learn my trade.
Then I got back in, got the flow
going again for the fishing and everything, and I joined the Tip Lake, which
was a big eye-opener and a big, big
step for me. I think that must have
been around about the late 80’s, 89 or
maybe 90, and like I say, that was a
big step. I had gone from fishing lakes
that were just gravel pits with no
weed onto the Tip Lake, which was
very, very weedy, but that’s what I
wanted to do; I wanted a challenge,
and I wanted to learn more. Geoff was
down there, and Hippy Paul – there
was some right old characters in
those days, and it was just one of
those lakes. If you couldn’t get the
swim you wanted on a Friday night,
you just had to be on the lake because
the atmosphere was unbelievable.
Looking back now over the years Rob,
to be honest with you, I could have
done a lot better than I did, but I got
involved in the social scene and it
was a crack. I caught a few fish on the
way, but I socialised too much really,
but you know, you learn. I was going
to say you learn by your mistakes but
was it a mistake? You’re here to enjoy
life, and I caught a few and I made a
good few friends and had a laugh.
I stayed on the Tip for quite a while,
like I say. It was a bit like you I suppose on Fox Pool; it was a good
atmosphere and a good bunch of lads,
but then all the boys started moving
off. When you’ve fished the Tip, the
next step is Yateley; they were fishing
the Copse and the Match Lakes, and
then once you’ve done them, you go
onto the Car Park. I didn’t take that
step; I thought that was too big a step
for me and I didn’t want to fall over, so
I joined Harefield and that’s where we
met up I think.
I went up there for the start of the
season, and I wasn’t geared up for it


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