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In Search of Monster Carp
really. I thought these two and three
quarter rods that I’d got were going to
be the ones, that they’d get me where
I needed to get, but they were too
floppy. Like I say, I’m not the greatest
caster in the world, but I stuck them
out the first night and I was lucky I
suppose, as in the morning I had two,
so I was very happy, and if I remember rightly, the newspaper people
were down there sleeping on the
floor. I had those two, and I think I
only did nine nights in total. This
sounds a bit like jumping about, but I
couldn’t get involved in the fishing a
lot because of my work, and by the
time I was getting off on the Friday
n i g h t f r o m t h e We s t E n d, I j u s t
couldn’t get anywhere. I got really,
really despondent and I dropped out
of it for a bit. I did nine nights up there
for five takes, landed two and lost
three, and as you know yourself, when
you get a take up there, 50% of the
time you lose them, so I didn’t really
fish a lot after that.
I rejoined the following year, but I
just didn’t go, and then I thought well,
I’ll go back to what I know best, so I
went back to the Tip because it’s not
a million miles from Bermondsey, and
I could get down there within three
quarters of an hour. I plugged away
down there, as there were still a couple of the old girls I wanted. I stuck at
it and thank god because I had one; I
had the Old Scaly, and it was one of
the old ones. I don’t know if you will
remember it Rob, but I saw it in the
magazine, after Pete Springate caught
it out of the big lake – his rods were
about 4ft up in the air! So that made
my day really catching The Scaly. I
had a few of the other ones on the
way, and then from there I went up to
Well Rob, I’d got my ticket for Sutton, which would have been roughly
around about 1993. It’s a lovely little
lake, about 3.5 acres, as you know
yourself – you’ve had a go. It’s very
gravely and there are areas of very
heavy silt, nice sets of pads, and a little pointed area that juts out with two
islands either side. In those days it
was all the local lads who used to fish
it, and the fish were absolutely stunning as you know yourself. Cemex
have brought it on since with the
spawning and everything, but that
was a big, big part of my fishing, and I
was down there for a long, long while.
I’d finally got my teeth into a lake that
had the fish that I wanted. It was hard
work because it was 4am starts and
10.30pm finishes, but I thought that
was where I needed to be at the time.
It was tricky, but it was worth persevering with, as it had a good head of
fish in it, and the fish were superb.
You had Blind Eye, which was probably near 40lbs at the time; you had
Heart Tail Gertie, Little Gertie, and
Searcher, which has been well publicised in Terry’s book – a stunner. I
don’t know whether you know Rob,
but Sutton is where Bazil came from.
There was a great head of commons
as well; you had the Big Common and
the Peach, but since then it’s quite a
few years, and they have got very,
very big. We’ve had a few losses down
there, and the old pecking order
changes. Sadly we lost Blind Eye, Gertie, and Little Gertie, but the other
ones have come through, and at the
moment now there could be five 40’s
in there.
Let’s go back a little bit… I don’t
mean to jump, but like I say, in those
days there were more fish in there,
they was getting bigger all the time,
and the bait was going in. I mean I
was putting in quite a lot of the old
Premier bait in there, and it was a fantastic lake because you had all different depths. You had the top end as
Tiplake 1990


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