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In Search of Monster Carp
you come in, which is the Dead End,
and walking into the pads it was like
an egg box. You had to be really careful fishing out in the cut-offs, and as
you walked down, the lake opened up
and went along to the Dead Tree, the
Double Willow, and the Rambler. Then
you get into the Gate Swim, and there
was some old folklore down there
about the Gate and the Tree swim,
which said that when it was raining
and the wind was blowing, the fish
got out in the middle, and they did,
and you could club ‘em then. Then
you went onto the High Point which
just out in front of you. You had a little
plateau, which was about 2ft deep, 3ft
at the back probably, and then it
sloped off, and going along you’d got
the bars, which was a very gravely
area. Then you had the Point, and
then going round to the bottom end,
you had the Chicken and the Lawn,
and that was the whole lake.
In some of the swims it was like
fishing a different lake, and you had a
different rig, what with the gravel and
the silt. They used to get down to The
Lawn, which they used to call Big
Boy’s Bay, and they loved it, but I
found my area where I liked to be,
which was the Trees. It controlled a
lot of the water, and you had two bars,
parallel with the lakebed; it was easy
to get on there without the marker,
and I started catching. I remember
going down there one day; my friend
had just come back from Horton, and
he said, “You’ve got to try these garlic
capsules.” He said to roll them up
with your base paste, just boil them
slightly, and as soon as you saw a little bubble come up, you’d whip them
out. He said you got an hour’s use
with them, and you had to tie them on
because they dissolved in the paste
and they’d break off. So I did what he
said, tied it on, and I was buzzing. I
flicked them out in the morning, I was
looking, and I thought it’s been half an
hour, the clock is ticking, and I kid you
not, I had ten minutes to go and it rattled off. It was only a 16lb’er but I was
as pleased as punch that this worked,
and I still use those garlic capsules
now with the paste, and it works in
the shallow areas. Geoff’s bait was
working great too, and I think one
Darenth Tip lake.
(Top) Doctors Deaths 28lb 8oz.
(Middle) Brown fish 39lb 6oz.
(Bottom) Scar 34lb 12oz.


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