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In Search of Monster Carp
time I went down there I put in 10kg
in just a day session.
That first year was a big, big learning curve for me; it’s a small lake, and
they’re very spooky the fish down
there, so I just plugged myself up.
Like I said, I found the Trees, and I
tried to keep myself to myself; I didn’t
want to get too involved. To be honest, I’ve never fished a small water
like that, and I was just looking and
learning. There were a lot of people
down there like you know yourself.
You know Keith Sullivan; he was
down there, and he did very, very well
– he knew the place like the back of
his hand, and he was a helpful guy as
I didn’t catch any of the big’uns
that year, although I had them up to
28lbs. It was another water like the
Tip, Rob; you find these places and I
clicked with it, I bonded with it and I
just wanted to plug away. So I just
kept at it, and the winters down there
were quite good. I used to fish on the
(Top) Scaley 27lb 8oz.
(Right) Tip Lake.
far side, close in; you had slack lines,
and at night the bobbins would just
be flying up and down with liners,
and you were getting some good captures in the winter. You go back now
and it’s completely changed but we’ll
come to that. That first year, like I say,
was a big learning curve, and I was
thinking what I was doing for the
summer. I was having a good chat
with Keith Sullivan, and he was steer-
ing me in the right direction – well I
think he was, the saucy sod. I believe
he had the Heart Tail Gertie out that
winter, the first time it had actually
done 40, and they gave him a landing
net and scrolled congratulations on
the spreader block – Sutton’s first 40.
The following year I was as keen as
mustard to get back down there, and I
started moving about a lot more, but
the bigger fish seemed to love the
corners. I noticed the members
started changing; they were dropping
out a bit more, and there were guys
from outside instead of the local lads,
which made it good because they had
their way of fishing, and you were
picking up tips off of these people. I
still kept myself to myself, but the
social down there was unbelievable;
it was a good old time down there. It’s
small, and the swims are very close
t o g e t h e r, w h i c h i s a d o w n s i d e
because you could be set up in an
area, and come about 8pm you’re
thinking this is it, all the traps are set,
and some bloke would turn up next to
you. Then bosh, out goes the marker
and you’re thinking that’s done me
now. But they move about so much in
there – you can mark up, spook them,
and off they’d go, but they’d come
back. You’ve got loads of bloodworm
beds, plus they just love their boilies
down there. You’ve got a problem
with the bream; there are hundreds of
them in there, as you found out yourself with maggots.
Over the years that lake has seen
some of the best down there – Lee
Jackson has fished there, obviously
you’ve fished there yourself Rob, and
Jerry Hammond, Terry Hearn, and
Martin Locke have been down there –
it’s seen them all. The fish put a great


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