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In Search of Monster Carp
(Right) Playing Scar.
(Middle) Wades Wonder 29lb 8oz.
(Bottom) Tip Lake.
big growth spurt on all of a sudden
and they were looking really, really
good and healthy, and the Fully was
up in weight as well, and I think that’s
when Terry starting taking an interest
in it. It was a bit sad really because
people were saying, “We don’t want
all these bleeding superstars down
here,” but you can only learn. You can
be sitting there in the winter and not
having anything, but Terry was having them, so he must have been doing
something right. I mean I’m not saying you’ve got to spy on them, but
you’ve got to start looking at your
own setup because if he’s having
them, there’s no reason why you
shouldn’t be having them yourself, so
you’ve got to start looking closely at
what you are doing. Anyway, that
year was a good year for Terry. I think
he had about 13 or 14 fish out that
winter; he had the Fully, he had the
Brown Fish, Searcher, and he was
going for it big time like he normally
This was my second season and I
still hadn’t latched into any of the big
boys, but there was one factor that I
was noticing – all I was catching
were commons. I was just catching
common after common after common, and I didn’t think to change the
bait or anything like that, so I kept
catching the commons, but I was getting takes so I was happy, and I was
obviously doing something right, but I
didn’t have the foresight to think
about changing the bait. I don’t know
whether it was because I was scared
in case it all went pear-shaped, but I
plugged away and I had them up to
about 30lbs that year. I was baiting
up, and that was the nice thing about
Sutton – because it was local I could
get down there, even if I only fished it
for two hours after work, and I was on
the lake seeing what was happening.
When I noticed they moved quite a
bit was on a north westerly, which
would blow up to the dead end of the
pads area – that was the main wind
that I noticed they really did follow,
and you could catch them then. The
Twins is quite a tricky swim; it’s just
on the opposite side of the bank to the
p a d s , a n d i t ’s f a c i n g t h e D e a d
Tree/Double Willow area. Like I say,


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