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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Hoppy Tail 17lb.
(Below) Long Lake 23lb 6oz.
it’s quite a tricky little swim, but the
wind was blowing up one day, quite
strongly with a fine drizzle, straight
into the bank, and I saw one stick his
head out. I rushed round to the motor,
got the gear out, and didn’t bother
with anything else. I think I even had
an old bait on – I must have done,
because I just flicked it out, straight
into the margin about 5 or 6yds out,
put it on the rest, and ten minutes
later it was off. I was as pleased as
punch with that, as I had never had
one out of the Twins, and everyone
used to say you’ll never catch them
out of there, but I noticed with that
swim, you had to have the right conditions with it. The wind had to be in
your favour, and it was horrible to fish
when it was brilliant sunshine, it was
like a pea green colour, and the lake
was absolutely dead, devoid of fish
when it was sunny, but when it was
windy and overcast the fish would
come out and they would play ball.
So I was getting to grips with the
lake, and I started moving about a bit
more now, looking for signs of fish,
whereas I’d been a bit static at first. I
started seeing signs of fish, and I
would move, but by this time the lake
was getting very, very popular. Keith


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