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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Chubby Chops 33lb 8oz.
(Below) Long Lake 22lb 8oz.
Sullivan had the Heart Tail at 40lbs,
and more and more people were
starting to fish it now because the old
members had dropped out, and it was
getting a lot of people from outside
the area coming in, which was good.
I remember Keith Pepper joined, and
Gary Harrow. Those boys were sticking some bait in, and the weights
were just flying up – the Heart Tail
Gertie went up to 45lbs. Those fish
like Blind Eye, and all the big ones
were seriously munching. I don’t
think everything that went into the
lake got eaten though. One night I
hadn’t had a take and I couldn’t work
out why. I knew I should have had a
take, but I went out with everyone
else at 10.30pm, and I sneakily came
back on the lake, like you do. I wasn’t
fishing; I just went in there and I
wanted to see what happened. Where
three people had baited up, and
myself making four, I watched the
fish. They come down the lake, got
into the areas where they wanted to
for that evening, and it all went quiet
before we went. But when I came
back on, it was like they had come
back out and skirted the lake, and
they were going berserk crashing on
those four areas that had been baited;
it was like they went round to all
those four spots and cleaned them
So I made my mind up then, instead
of baiting up later in the afternoon or
early evening, my baiting was going
to be done at 11 or 12 o’clock so they
were cast out then, and that was it ’til
the end. It paid dividends; sometimes
you didn’t get any action, but I was
ha ppi e r fi s hi ng tha t w a y. I w a s
watching what other people were
doing, and I wanted to be doing
things differently. One day I walked


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