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In Search of Monster Carp
round there on a Sunday afternoon,
and Terry was fishing. The lake was
quite busy, and it had one of those
winds that I mentioned, the old northwesterly. It started picking up with a
fine drizzle, and it was really overcast.
It looked absolutely pukka – really,
really carpy. All of a sudden I just saw
a head and shoulder come out, then
bang, another one and another one,
and they were all drifting over, following the wind over towards the Twins
area. I thought, the gear’s in the car,
and I was going though a bit of a
sticky patch then. I mean I ain’t bothered about it now, as anyone knows,
because I’ve got myself together, but
I was living in the van then. Getting in
your van at night with smelly carp
gear wasn’t much fun, but I couldn’t
give up my fishing; I had to keep
plugging away.
Anyway, getting back to the story, I
saw these fish head and shouldering
and I thought that’s it. I got a bucket
off of Tel, and he said, “I tell you what,
take this round because I’m going to
go in the Twins.” So I went in the
Unknown, and got all my gear set up.
I was using little 11ft 2lb Harrisons;
they were really whippy little rods,
with 5010 Shimano baitrunners. It
was a pukka little setup for down
there, and I just flicked them out. I
remember putting a pouch load of
boilies out, and Terry came running
round saying, “No, don’t put any more
out, they’re here.” Anyway, sitting
there, it must have been about an
hour and a half or two hours later, and
I latched into one of the big mirrors. It
was the Unknown, and it went about
33lb 8oz if I remember correctly, Rob.
Terry was there; he did the netting,
and he was on at me, “Dip your tip,
dip your tip.” He gets a bit carried
away, but he means it, he’s got a good
heart. The old legs were shaking
because I saw the mirror, and Terry
was still going on about dipping your
tip. We got it in and no one knew the
fish, can you believe it? I was fishing
in the Unknown, so that’s what it was
called. If you’re lucky enough to go
down and catch fish today, they will
probably be over 40lbs, and that was
a big, big plated scale fish, it had a
funny lower lip, a bit pinched, and a
(Top) Harefield 14lb+.
(Middle) Harefield 23lb+.
(Bottom) Miss Match 24lb+.


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