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In Search of Monster Carp
big square patch on its shoulder like
all the scales had grown round it and
left a big square patch – a big heavyset fish in the shoulders. I said to
Johnny Elmer who’s now the head
bailiff, that this fish will be a big fish –
it’s got it in the right places to carry it.
So anyway, Tel obliged and did all the
That was a Sunday, and I had to go
to work on the Monday. I was gagging to get back down there, as the
wind was doing the same thing. I got
down there, and Terry was in his same
pitch in the Twins. Jerry Hammond
had slipped into the Unknown, to
which I thought fair play, everyone’s
got to have a crack at them, so I went
next to him in the Close In. I flicked
them out only about 10yds in the silt,
and all of a sudden the old bobbin
started dancing. The fish were moving about, and I hadn’t seen anything
in front of me at all; I was just getting
the liners, which I was happy about.
Then it got to about five to ten, which
is coming up for a good old time on
Sutton, and at ten o’clock it rattled off,
and it really put up a good account of
itself. Like I said to you earlier, I’d had
quite a few of the commons, and now
I had latched into one of the main
ones, The Peach, which at the time
was 30lb 2oz. If you catch that one
now you’re looking at 41lbs, so I
didn’t do too badly really from that
S u n d a y t o t h a t M o n d a y. I w a s
chuffed; I’d had the Unknown, and
now I’d had The Peach, which is a
sought-after common. My confidence
was up and I was flying, walking
around the lake with a big smile on
my face.
Terry was using that stiff rig, the
hinge rig, and I had made up a little
one myself, but it was about 4.5-5ins
of boom section. It was the same
principle, but instead of making it
with the stiff material, I tied it with
Super Silk, and the first time I used it
I had another 30lb common known as
Jackson’s. After that I had another
30lb common, and another one… It
was amazing, because I spoke to Lee
Jackson after I’d had those three, as I
didn’t get another take off that rig. He
said the same thing; he said you
could find a rig and you’ll have three
(Top) 29lb 8oz from the trees swim.
(Middle) Pea swim 16lb.
(Bottom) Trees swim 24lb+.


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