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In Search of Monster Carp
(Top) Black SPot 26lb+.
(Middle) Bobby Blind Eye 28lb+.
(Bottom) Unknown 33lb+.
fish, bang, and you’d think you’d
found something, and then that would
be it, you wouldn’t get another take
off of it. It is a very tricky lake; I mean
its been well documented in Terry’s
book. I mean Terry’s no fool; he’s been
about and he’s caught them, and if he
said it was hard, then that’s good
enough for me.
I don’t mean to be derogatory to the
commons down there, but I was still
having this problem catching them.
There were plenty of the big boys in
there, and I hadn’t really latched into
them, so I had a change of bait, and
quite a few of us went on it. It was the
Geoff Bowers’ Aminos, and it had the
Howler, Sour cream, a bit of hemp oil
in it, sweetener, and there was something else which I’m not going to tell
you, and we were putting carrier bags
full in. That season we had every fish
out on that bait, but I think the problem was that there were about eight
of us on it, which was four too many,
so instead of them having to go round
looking for it, it was just landing in
front of them, but they were eating it.
I stuck to my normal pattern, and I
was just getting the commons, but
then a few of the lads dropped out
because they were local members,
and I stuck with that bait, and the following year, that was it – I started
landing a few of the mirrors. They
weren’t the big ones, and I did struggle with the big ones. Looking back
now, I suppose I’m a bit older and
wiser, I think they were picky. I mean
Blind Eye did get caught over big
beds of bait, but as for the other ones,
it was my personal belief that they
didn’t. They were a bit spooky; they
would sit back because the commons
would be in there straight away. But it
was amazing, as soon as I went on
that savoury bait, the mirrors came
out to play.
I remember going down there one
time Rob; I got there on a Thursday
knowing that southwesterlies were
going to be blowing into the Trees on
the Friday, and I took 10kg down,
which is a lot of bait for a day-only
lake. It took me a while, but I spodded
it out on the back of the second bar. I
never used to fish on the gravel down
there; I used to cast over the back,
pull back, and as soon as that lead


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