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In Search of Monster Carp
moving so I got everything set up
round the back of the swim, got one
rod, and walked down the bank. You
had a canopy, and you could come in
from the back of it, so I just dropped it
in there, chopped up a load of bait,
and bunged in. I know it sounds a bit
daft baiting up on top of them, but
you could get away with it at times at
Sutton when they were in the edges
like that. The way I looked at it was
that they were there for a reason, and
if they wanted to be there, they’d
come back. Maybe I was stupid
thinking like that, but that day it
worked. I put it in, got the rods out,
and John said to me, “You all done?” I
said, “Yeah, they’re all out mate, best
you put the kettle on.” He said he
thought I’d have one, and I did feel
quite confident. I hadn’t even put my
arse in the seat and it rattled off. I had
Black Spot, which I was well chuffed
about. I forgot to tell you that I did
have it a few weeks before, and that
was on my new bait as well, so I was
happy to have one a few weeks apart,
because you know the old bait is
working, and they like it. Black Spot
was another 30lb fish – they really
have jumped up these fish; they have
got really big.
If I remember rightly there were a
couple of young brothers who joined;
they had only just started fishing, and
they joined Sutton, which is a big, big
step. In their first year, one of them
fished all year, every weekend, and
every night after college that he
could. He was really trying, and on the
last day of the season he had a 30lb
common. So this year they were
down there quite a bit, and they said
to me that they’d seen a load of fish
out there the other night, crashing
like mad. They showed me strands of
Canadian that they had found; it had
started coming up, and the fish had
moved on it straight away. I put a treble on, tweaked the old barbs, flicked
it down there, and just dragged back
to see what was going on, and there
were little bits like the fish had
absolutely mullered it. These two
boys hadn’t had much experience,
but they had found something, so I
said, “See, you’re looking, you’re learning, you’ve found things, that’s what
you’ve got to do, keep your eyes
open!” So I did have a go in there after
they had told me that, and I had
another 20lb common. I had my eyes
set on those mirrors, but they were
hard to get. Unfortunately by this time
Blind Eye had died, and the Little Gert
had died as well. Terry fished solid on
there over the winter to catch one of
the big’uns, especially Blind Eye. It
just evaded him, but he did have the
Big Fully and the Brown fish, which is
a once every three years fish.
So I had my sights set for these big
mirrors like everyone did down there,
but the trouble with Sutton is, like I
said earlier, that the swims are very
close together. I started just picking
areas, one or two swims; it sounds
like boring fishing, but I wanted to get
away because I was having too much
of a laugh down there, with the
socials and everything, and I wasn’t
really watching what was going on. I
went down there one day, on a Monday, and I had my heart set on getting
in that Tree swim. There was a guy in
there, which was a bit disheartening,
but I thought right, he ain’t going to
be here that long, so I thought I’d get
as close to it as possible, and I went in
the Pipe. My mate Johnny Miller
(sorry John, I don’t mean to laugh)
had baited the Pipe up on the Saturday, coming back for the Tuesday, and
at half three, four o’clock in the morning mate, you’re not thinking straight,
so I just jumped in the old Pipe Swim
not thinking anything about it. He’s
gonna kill me, but I just literally
dropped them off in the edge; I mean
they couldn’t have been more than 2ft
out from the bank. I was just sat there,
looking round to see what matey was
25lb Twins


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