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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Peach 30lb 2oz.
(Below) Pads swim.
d o i n g i n t h e Tr e e s w i m , t o s e e
whether he’d gone, and I just dropped
All of a sudden I woke up to an
absolute blitzing run at ten to eight. I
had my bobbins right on the deck; I
fish very slack, and it just tore off and
I was on it. The power of the fish was
amazing; it was pulling the rod right
round, and I didn’t want to have to
give it any line, but I was fortunate
enough to be able to walk along the
bank with it. But then I was having to
give it line, and I was getting a bit
worried because of the overhanging
trees in the water and everything. I
managed to get control of it, and lo
and behold, I had the Big Common at
38lbs. John Miller never lets me forget
it now; he reckons I watched him bait
up and jumped in on his patch, but
there you go, that’s what mates are
for – they help you out and he did, god
bless him.
There was still loads and loads of
bait going in, and by my reckoning, for
the type of weather it was too much,
and certain areas of that lake didn’t
like too much bait. That’s my opinion,
but everyone fishes differently, and
they can all prove you wrong, which is
fair enough. I was trying to stay clear
of those areas, and like I said, I had
that one area in mind, The Trees,
which dominates a large part of the
lake. I wasn’t using anything flash; I
was using 6ft of leadcore with 1.5oz
running leads – luckily Damian got
me some leads made up at Korda with
big eyes in them so they could really
run easily. I was just using a 7in Mantis hooklink, but I used to put a little
bit of silicone on the shank, and what
I found out is that when I was catching tench and everything before, I’d
catch them in the side of the mouth,
but as you slide it down it was pulling
the hook round, and this paid dividends for me when I was at the Car
Park. So I got the old silicone in position, I was happy, and I was fishing
again. I thought, I’m going to catch
one of the proper ones, but true to
form, good old Mark had a 24lb common. I’m not knocking the fish down
there, and after all a take is a take, and
to get one down there is hard – it is a
tricky little lake.
Rob: Well thanks for that, Mark.
We’ll be hearing more from Mark next
month when we hear about his move
to Horton. n


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