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Winter Carp Fishing
and what seems like a simple choice
between gas or petrol is not quite so
easy. Let me explain; gas is most people’s preferred fuel because of its
cleanliness and ease of use. However
this has one major drawback in winter, and that is that gas needs an elevated ambient temperature to function properly because the propellant
within the canister becomes ineffective in the cold because it cannot
expand, which makes it useless at
forcing the gas out. The problem is
exaggerated further when using small
cylinders, and you will end up with a
lot of half full cylinders, which can of
course be used up in summer when
the temperature allows. So let’s move
on to petrol. This can be messy if not
used correctly, but it has the massive
advantage of not being affected by
the cold. The stove I use was developed for Himalayan expeditions, so a
few nights on some lakeside are not
going to trouble it unduly. It is very
simple to strip and service, and unlike
some other petrol or liquid fuel-based
stoves it doesn’t suffer from the carbon buildups that lead to singed eyebrows or worse! A little tip when
using all petrol stoves is to add 100ml
of Redex fuel injector cleaner to every
five litres of fuel, which has the effect
of dramatically reducing carbon
deposits, and therefore makes the
stoves run trouble free. If you are feeling very homesick, get yourself one of
these gas heaters for those very cold
nights; they are a dream, but remember to have ventilation as carbon
monoxide builds up and is very much
a silent killer. This is not meant to
paint a dangerous picture of them,
but they must be treated with care
and if used in a safe and responsible
manner, they are brilliant. One final
thought – remember we need to fuel
our bodies to stave off the cold so
don’t overlook the need for plenty of
hot drinks and hot food, and you know
that aroma of smoked bacon in the
cold of a winter morning is second to
none! Don’t let the cold put you off,
just be prepared and enjoy the peace
and quiet that generally abounds in a
(Top) Winter carp fishing is not for the
(Middle) St. John’s has always had a
good winter track record for
producing fish all through the winter.
(Bottom) Stoves and heaters will
make your stay an enjoyable one.


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