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Winter Carp Fishing
(Right) You can see why Linear is
voted the best day ticket fishery in the
country, when you have lakes like
Brasenose on the portfolio.
(Below) Fishery officer Chris Blunt
with an awesome capture of the Matt
Hayes fish from Manor, last February
when night time temperatures were
down to –8.
winter solstice.
If you’re planning on venturing out
this winter it is imperative that you
select the correct venue so you don’t
end up wasting your valuable time on
somewhere that is unlikely to produce a bite or two. Obviously, if you
have been targeting a particular
water all year, then the back end of
the season is top time to try to capitalise on all your hard work. The fish
will be certainly be waking up slightly
over the next month or so, especially
after the winter we have just had, and
a good few bites may be possible
even on the more difficult venues out
The main factors that you need to
keep in mind when selecting a winter
venue are:
Past form.
Weed levels.
Exposure to elements.
Obviously there a lot of other variables that need to be taken into
account, but I consider these to be
the most important for my fishing.
Starting with the stock – it doesn’t
take a genius to work out that more
heavily stocked venues are going to
keep the bobbins dancing on a more
regular basis. It really is down to the
individual’s choice what you want
from your fishing – do you wants lots
of fish? Big’uns? A few bites with the
odd 20 etc? The list goes on, so have
a look around your area, ask a few
questions, and try to come up with a
venue that fulfils your requirements,
because ultimately we shouldn‘t forget that fishing should be fun. These
days there are so many venues
around with good stocks of big carp
that it really isn’t that difficult to


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