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Winter Carp Fishing
(Right) One word – HARDCORE.
(Below) A stunning mid-30 caught
last winter from Horton Church Lake.
frost that can make a winter’s night
drag on forever.
To me timing is the key to nearly all
my successful winter trips, and timing encompasses many things. Firstly
if you can pick and choose the times
that you go fishing then you would be
mad not to check the long range
weather so that your trip coincides
with the low pressures, and warmer
weather fronts. Winter fishing is hard
enough, so you have to stack the odds
in your favour wherever possible, and
angling over a period when the fish
are likely to be feeding is about as big
an edge as you can get. Timing
should also be taken onto account
when assessing the past form of the
venues you are interested in. If you
find out that the lake only produces
during daylight, which is a regular
occurrence, and you can only do
overnight sessions then your timing
couldn’t be worse. The same goes for
if they are generally night bites, and
you can only do the days. Always ask
what times the action is so you can
adjust your timing and venue to suit
your needs so as to optimise your
chance of a cold water carp.
If you’re fishing a busy venue then
you will have to consider what time
periods during the week are going to
give you a reasonable selection of
swim. It’s no good turning up to find
the place stitched, and ending up
wasting your time in a no-hope area.
Always remember to adapt your fishing to your needs and requirements;
there’s plenty of choice out there so
don’t compromise your enjoyment for
the sake of a poor decision or choice.
There are various Internet forums,
which help you talk to anglers in your
region, and suss out venues in your
area with a good winter track record.
Some of the forums worth looking at
are www.carp-forums.com, www.carp
gods.com and
That’s all I have got space for this
month, so get out from in front of the
TV, and see if you can bank a winter
Be lucky. n


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