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My Winter
had a good summer last year
on my local syndicate, The
Wharf in Cardiff. I banked
plenty of fish but was very
unlucky with the sizes. I was
consistently catching, but the
biggest fish I landed was a 27lb common. The fish in the Wharf are stunning and not easy to catch, so I was
very happy with my results, but it was
also frustrating, as I spent a lot of time
watching the big girls who are not
shy of showing themselves… but
hooking one is a challenge. I was
planning on fishing The Wharf
through the winter but ended up
deciding to purchase a winter ticket
on Sandhurst Lake. It’s a water that I
have always wanted to visit, and it’s
known to fish well through the colder
months, so I was very excited for the
winter ahead. I had a short day session on a day ticket water in Swansea
the week before my first trip down to
Yateley and managed to bag one of
27lb mirror, Sandhurst Lake.
(Below) 38lb 11oz common, White
the biggest in the lake, a 38lb common. This was my first 30 of the year,
and I hoped this was the start of
things to come.
The plan was testing Bait-Tech’s
new boilie range, Triple-N, which
smelled and looked the part. It was
easy to see that it’s a bait that the fish
can digest easily, but I wanted to see
how the fish responded to it, and
Sandhurst was the perfect place to
put it to the test.
At the start of November, I chose to
do a five-night session on my first trip


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