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Portable Power Generator PPG-140
The WooH Portable Power Generator PPG-140 is a lightweight
multi-purpose high capacity 140 WH (40800 mAh) Lithium
Polymer battery pack for outdoors and emergency use.
Being a portable power source it is designed to charge and
power most of your portable electronic
equipment in off-grid situations. It will
be your best companion during
fishing, hunting, camping, hiking,
backpacking, boating, sailing,
caravanning and many other outdoor
activities for several days if not longer.
Two USB 5V 3.1A ports for
simultaneous charging of
smartphones, tablets, MP3 players,
digital cameras, headlamps and
other USB compatible devices;
Three 12V 5A DC ports for
powering camping lights, fishfinder, air pump or charging your drone, bait boat, two-way
radios, laptop and other electric devices requiring 12V DC
Two AC outputs provide traditional 230V/50Hz power for
charging laptop, powering small refrigerator, fan, Hi-fi and
other grid equipment (up to
Plug in our compatible FSP040 Foldable Solar Panel and
create your own Portable Solar
Generator system. Recharge
your PPG-140 during sunlight
(even on cloudy days) thus
ensuring continuous power
source for days or even weeks.
Take this set with you on
longer trips to the wildest areas
and keep your portable
electronics charged and base
camp lit during the darkest nights. Also finished in an
awesome camo folding case.
WooH Portable Power Generator PPG-140 can be used as
a backup power source and provide AC power to connected
equipment (up to 100W) during short-term grid power outages.
The unit is equipped with a LED display for battery status and
selected output options. The front side has an integrated
bright but low consumption 0.5-2W LED panel for emergency
Wooh are now offering FREE SHIPPING to all European destinations
(except Norway and Switzerland) for any order containing our popular
Portable Power Generators and Solar Panels.
So does it do what it says it does?
The answer is yes, and to be fair it does more than you could
need it to. I have been using the unit with the solar charger for
the past few months. It has come with me to France for the
World Carp Masters, fishing remote sections of river in the UK,
up to Scotland wild camping and fishing
for skate and much more.
The pack has allowed me to keep my
phone charged as well as important
batteries and devices. I managed over a
three-day period to keep fish finder
battery, short range radio, two phones
and an iPad charged without the need to
recharge the Wooh unit with the solar
The 3 PIN UK SOCKET has to be my
overall favourite feature. It has enabled
me to use my normal chargers to keep
everything working and enable me to
keep safe and fishing effectively. No longer do you need to use
a noisy generator or relay on just a USB power pack you can
have it all.
Whilst in France the solar charger came into its own and
allowed me to keep my phone battery topped up, and I
managed to recharge the leisure
battery for the electric outboard.
Without a shadow of a doubt it is
a power pack that covers all
eventualities enabling you to visit the
most remote location yet not feel
completely isolated. Especially with
the unit only weighing 1.5kg and
being no bigger than a maggot box, I
never feel it is a burden to pack.
Gary Norton (professional angler
and French fishing guide) has also
been using the unit along with the
solar panel. He praised the power
pack saying,
“Fishing on some of the most remote French lakes and river
locations regularly means no power. Charging phones, laptops
and cameras is a very difficult order and until l had my WooH
power pack an ongoing problem! However, used along with the
solar charger I have an almost infinite supply of power! Perfect for
me and my guests on my guided tours of the wild lakes or rivers
in France!”


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