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My Winter
worked great for me with amazing
hookholds and not one fish lost. I
fi s he d the s e us i ng the Tri pl e -N
coloured pop-ups over a bed of whole
and chopped Triple-N boilies with the
Bait-tech Scopex corn and Bait-tech
Supersede Hemp. I soaked all this in
the Nutty glug. My confidence in the
bait grew week by week, and I was
amazed by how much of the bait
these fish where going through considering the water temperature… and
this year is the first winter I have not
used maggot at all and the results
where staggering.
After an amazing campaign up at
Yateley, it was time to get back to the
Wharf. With my confidence high, I
stuck to what was working for me,
and the only thing I changed was my
rig, which I changed to the Ronnie rig
due to the amazing hookholds I’d
been seeing. The Wharf is difficult at
the best of times, and I hadn’t heard
of many bites through the winter, so I
knew I had my work cut out.
(Top left) 23lb 2oz fully scaled mirror,
Sandhurst Lake.
(Top right) 17lb mirror, Sandhurst.
(Middle left) 20lb 9oz mirror,
Sandhurst Lake.
(Middle right) 28lb 14oz mirror,
Sandhurst Lake.
(Left) Sandhurst swim shot.


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