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My Winter
than top up bait and risk spooking the
swim, I decided to sit on my hands,
and a few hours later I had one of the
Wharf’s stunning mid double commons. The rod went back out, and a
storm moved in. The conditions
where terrible, and as I was sat on my
bedchair holding on to my storm
poles thinking the bivvy was going to
take off, I had a savage back drop. Out
in the storm, the fish was stripping
line, and the power was unbelievable.
50 yards down the bank, I was starting to gain on the fish, and out in the
middle, the fish rolled, and I immediately knew it was the biggest fish in
the lake. A few more minutes passed,
and I finally netted the beast. It’s was
a 46lb mirror known as Eben Haezer,
which is the biggest living fish in
My winter this year has been amazing and one I will never forget. I put
my success down to determination in
being out on the bank every week no
matter what the weather and working
as hard as I can to put the odds in my
favour. This is vital, as my time on the
bank is limited due to my full time job
and young family at home. Also
important is confidence in my bait.
The Triple-N boilie has worked amazingly for me through the hardest time
of the year. The pulling power of the
bait is impressive, and the evidence is
there, as many of the fish I caught
have been excreting the bait on the
mat, which shows just how easy the
bait is for the carp to digest. Going
(Above) Scenery shot, the Wharf.
(Below) Pawprint 36lb 13oz mirror,
the Wharf.
into spring my confidence is at its
highest after a total this winter of
three 40lb-plus fish with ten 30lb-plus
fish and many stunning backup fish
all in just four months. n


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