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Winter On Catch 22, Norfolk
always a massive relief to get your
first fish under your belt! I reeled in
the next morning and went off to
work chuffed to have broken my
duck. All day I was clock watching
and couldn’t wait to get back down.
Soon enough though I was heading
back through the gates and pulling
into the car park. I managed to get
back into the same swim, wrapped up
my rods and cast them back out on to
a hard spot at 96 yards. Another 3-4kg
of Essential Cell when out via the
Spomb onto the spot. A little after
dark again you could hear the fish
crashing about, so I was hoping I
would be lucky enough to get another
bite. A little after 10pm, my right hand
rod was away, and this time it went
mental, stripping several yards off me
before I could gain a bit back. Eventually another nice common rolled into
the net, and straight away I could see
it was slightly bigger than the one the
night before. On the scales it went
32lb on the button.
Over the next couple of weeks I
was lucky enough to get back in peg
17, and again I managed to catch a
few more commons ranging from low
twenty to just under thirty pounds. It
was now approaching the Christmas
period, and I know it gets busy from
Boxing Day onwards, so I did a week
of overnighters leading up to this
period. I started over in peg 29, but
after dark the fish were going nuts
over in front of peg 17. At first light I
was on the move round to peg 17, set
my gear up and shot off to work. The
day dragged, but I was again soon
back through the gates and back in
the car park. Rods out on the spot,
more Mainline Essential Cell dispatched, and the kettle was on.
My mate Sam who runs Kapta
Clothing was down for a social, so we
sat there after dark hearing them
bosh out everywhere for two or three
hours. As usual as soon as you get in
the bag the rod tears off… This time it
kept deep, chugging away under the
rod tips until up popped this bigheaded old common. On the scales
she went 35lb 5oz – another thirty
closer to my target of reaching a hundred over thirty pounds.
Christmas came and went, and it
completely slowed up over this
period. There were several people on,
and the carp hid up a bit, although a
chap called Andy and his son had a
couple of nice commons.
After Christmas, I decided that I’d


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