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Winter On Catch 22, Norfolk
give the island swim a go. This swim
is unbelievable; you row yourself out
there and have your own bit of water
to fish to with a far margin at about
80-90 yards. It’s a bit of a chance this
time of year because you can’t guarantee that the fish will be there, but a
few years ago after Christmas and
being caught a lot behind in the
deeper water, I found they ventured
up there for a bit of sanctuary. So with
the boat loaded, out I paddled. Rods
out, 50-100 Essential Cell boilies dispatched over the top, and it was a
waiting game to see if the carp were
up here. To put it mildly – yes they
were! I had nine takes over the weekend ranging from just under twenty
pounds up to 33lb 2oz – unbelievable
really considering the time of year.
My mate Andy had a session out
there after me, and again he had fish
over thirty pounds, which was great
angling. I decided that with it seeming that a few fish were up here, I
would book ahead onto the Island
swim or peg 32 every weekend until
40lb 6oz.
my winter ticket ran out in April. You
can ring the Catch 22 office and prebook the swims right the way
through the year, so if you fancy
something a little bit different, give
them a call; it’s well worth it.
So anyway, the winter cold snap
had properly set in, and I think the
lake had a lid on it for a few weeks.
Annoying as it was, it gave me
chance to catch up on other things.
Once the lake thawed, I was back out
on the Island or peg 32. Catching
every time I was out there made it
worth paying a bit more for the privilege.
One of my mates was chatting to
me about the big commons and how
they haven’t been out over the winter
as of yet, and by big, I mean over forty,
which for Norfolk is bleeding big!
Strangely enough, the following
weekend one turned up. Again I was
on the Island after the previous weekend on peg 32, when just before dark
on the Friday night my left hand rod
pulled to the top. As soon as I bent
into the fish, it was on the surface,
charging left and then stripping line
off me. After a while the fish was in
front of me, gulping at the surface, and
this is when I first realised it was
something special. After calming
myself down, I carefully weighed her,
and she went 40lb 6oz! I was
absolutely elated to have banked my
third Norfolk forty. Once again Mainline Essential Cell had done the job
with a homemade corkball pop-up
over the top.
I carried on fishing until my ticket
ran out, still catching a few more
stunning Catch 22 fish, which
resulted in 35 fish in total, including
five thirties and one forty, before moving on to somewhere else for the
spring and summer with the aim to
return again in November. At this
point I’d like to thank all the team at
Mainline for the top class bait, and I’d
like to thank Dave, Rose, Emma and
Jerry for making this winter the most
enjoyable winter I’ve ever had.
All the best, Lee. n


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