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Caister Lakes
51lb 8oz UK Common by Luke McNicholas
he date is the 12th
May 2017. I’m on peg
7 on Arthur’s Pool at
the Caistor Lakes
complex. I am here for
one week and it is currently day four. I have sat behind
silent alarms for the past four days
due to the high temperatures. The
carp have just been interested in
cruising around up in the top layers
taking in the sun! Despite my
attempts to tempt a bite on zig rigs,
they just weren’t playing ball! So yesterday afternoon, I switched back to
my prebaited areas on the bottom.
I’m fishing one rod up against the
island and the other rod up against
the reed line in my right hand margin.
Over the past few days, I have
baited the spots up with chopped
boilies by Active Bait Solutions’ the
iBait. I am fishing rig tubing down to
a lead clip system with my 15mm
pop-up hookbait presented on a Ronnie rig using a size 6 barbless Mugga
hook on a 20lb N -Trap soft coated
hook link. A small PVA mesh bag of
stick mix and a stringer of six boilies
was also used. After a 16-hour soak,
my right hand margin road one-toned
As I lifted the rod and pulled into
the fish, I instantly knew it was a big
girl by the sheer weight and bend in
the rod, and with a couple of tail
flicks, she was well in her way
towards the aerator to try cut me off!
Clicking my drag tighter, I tried my
utmost to turn the fish away from
where she wanted to go and get her
towards the net. The fish stayed deep
and didn’t want to show herself to
me. Once I got her head up and those
huge shoulders rolled into the net, I
knew it was a fish if a lifetime and a
PB for sure! I was so focused on getting the fish to the net, I didn’t realise
a crowd had gathered behind me to
watch. Even the lake owner wandered round for the weigh-in.
The fish pulled the scales round to
51lb 8oz! I was then notified that that
was also a new lake record common!
I was over the moon with this! After a
quick once over and a drop of Klinik
on the hook hold, I was in the drink
with her for a few pictures. My arms
were already feeling the burn after the
fight, so I struggled to lift her for the
camera. With the photos done, I held
the fish in the water until she was
ready to swim back to the deep. A few
handshakes later and after a cold pint.
I was one of the happiest lads on
earth. n


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