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Chester Lake Session
Nash Key free offerings around the
Cultured hookbait I fell into a deep
3.30am saw me falling from my bed
as I received simply the most savage
take I’ve ever had. My rod was arched
over, and my alarm was screaming.
The fish had kited a long way right
and had taken my line under a bush. I
had to play the fish with the rod well
under the water, but luckily the fish
swam towards me and into open
water, but the minute it got under the
tip it went mental. My swim was tight
with snags one meter to the left and
one meter to the right, so I had to
tighten down the clutch and hold on
for dear life.
The net slipped under the big mirror, and I could relax. It took a while
for it to actually sink in what had just
happened – two fish in one night. I
was buzzing, and even more so when
I weighed the fish, as it went 34lb 2oz
and was a new lake record. It didn’t
make sense; the lake record was a big
common at 32lb. There had been
rumours of a mirror of a similar
weight, but it had not been seen for
three years or so when it had come
out at 29lb and was now feared dead
after no sightings. I sent off the selftakes (something I need to sort out) to
the bailiff, and after consulting some
others he came back to me with the
great news that I had just caught the
“missing fish” known as Hips and set
a new lake record.
I slowly packed up, reflecting on
what had happened over the past few
months. This water nearly broke me;
it took over my life for a while, and it
was a proper headbanger of a water –
my biggest challenge to date. At
times I wanted to give up, but the
Twitter army kept me going! Once
again it leaves me looking for a new
water, and being located up north
doesn’t give me many options, so
until something comes up, it’s back to
day tickets for now. Until the next
time. n
China Lakes - Formally Kaolins
China Lake is a beautiful lake approximately
17 acres set in 85 acres of meandering paths
and mixed woodland, including beautiful
specimens from its days as an arboretum.
Whilst maintaining the natural environment
of the estate, foliage has been cleared
around the swims to create ideal fishing
zones. With the addition of over 400 carp
we welcome anglers to come and
enjoy this beautiful carp lake in
the tranquility of Brittany.
New Lake
61lb 2oz
Now here is your chance to win a
fantastic one week holiday for two
people including food courtesy of
our good friends at China Lakes.
for 20
Now taking bookings
And it could not be simpler, all you
have to do is go to the China Lakes
Facebook page and hit that ‘LIKE’
button!! The winner will be chosen
at random on 25th December
2017, so get LIKING NOW!!
Five lakes set in 85 acres of beautiful woodl
BOOKING LINES - 00 33 2 97 34 35 72 or 07801 980 131
EMAIL - chinalakesfr@gmail.com
WEBSITE - www.chinalakes.co.uk


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