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Urban Legends…
My first true monster canal carp.
Right now it’s time to apply the
bait. I always start with using the
classic combination of hemp and corn
with a mixture of halibut pellets
thrown in, a couple of pints of white
maggots (very visual) and some
crushed and whole boilie that I will be
using later as my hookbaits. I apply
the halibuts to the mix about 15 minutes before baiting, as this gives them
time to soak in the hemp and sweetcorn juices but not long enough to
turn to mush. Now for the clever bit: I
add rock salt, betaine and green
lipped mussel to ensure the carp are
getting all the vitamins and minerals
they need (especially important prior
to and after spawning). I then add my
chosen flavour to the mix to give it a
label and to help the carp associate
that flavour with food… and good
highly nutritious food. This is important for the next stage of my baiting
Once I have chosen my spots I first
introduce this bait combo in the hope
of attracting everything that swims.
This does two things: firstly the feeding activity won’t go unnoticed by the
carp if they are near, and secondly the
feeding activity will help clear your
spots of any new small debris like
twigs, weed and silt. I like to apply
the bait over a two-week period if
possible. The first week I will bait up
every other day with a kilo of this mix.
The second week, I drop the particle
and pellet completely and switch to
my chosen boilie only. My chosen bait
is Squid and Tangerine from the Tor
Baits stable. It is a potent, highly
nutritious, fishmeal type bait that has
caught me fish from all over the UK,
France and Spain! The problem with
canals is that they can be full of hungry bream and tench, and the particle/pellet approach will attract them
like wildfire… not what you want
when you’re fishing for big nomadic
carp. I will again bait twice with just
half a kilo of boilies on each spot.
The day that I decide to fish I will
have put in some bait the night
before, but hardly any on the day I am
fishing. I will only take a kilo of bait
with me to last a whole 24-hour session. I will then spend five hours in
each spot, and if I’ve had no action
within this time frame, I will move on
to my next spot. Obviously travelling
light is the name of the game, so leave
your two-man hotels at home!!! A fox
Supa Brolly will suffice, and two rods
is more than ample for the canal.
I am often asked if the effort is
really worth it? I am on syndicates
that hold fish in excess of 50lbs, but
still nothing beats the allure for me of
a big, wild urban monster. Let me
recount a tale that proves my point…
Monster Of The “Cut”
It was a few years ago now when a
drunken conversation in the local pub
brought to my attention a tale of monster carp in the canal. Tales of 30s and
even a 40 were spoken about in
hushed tones. The story told of monster carp that lived in a Midland
marina that couldn’t be fished, but on
the odd occasion they would venture
out into the main canal and make a
It was a few days later that I
decided to take a walk along this
aforementioned canal and make my
way to the marina. I know I shouldn’t
have, but I climbed over the fence into
the marina to have a quick scout
about to see if I could see anything of
any interest. My first impression was
one of disappointment. The marina
was only very small with about six
barges moored up and that made it
full! It was just like a big round turn-


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