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Shaun Gough – After a very slow few days, the wind had picked up and
brought the carp down the lake. I have had a few blank days, but this was all
kicking off now. Just before dawn, I hit into my first fish, a 25lb common, falling
to a size 6 Crank Offset D-rig with a Core wafter. This was followed by a 34lb
8oz common on a 6 Curve Shank blowback with a Marine Core snowman topped
with a bubblegum pop-up.
Michael Doogan – I have been on a recent trip to France and was at Petit
Pretre for a seven-day Session. The rig I had been using was a blowback rig
using the Crank Offset hook and Horizon Baits. With these two in my arsenal, I
managed an 11-fish haul with the biggest carp coming out at 43lb.
Danny Johnson – I have just recently started using Northern Banx Tackle,
and on my first session, Chris Jervis the owner came down to see me on a north
west water. While he was there, we were chatting about products when my rod
screamed off. The pressure was on now to land this fish in front of Chris. He
helped me net it, and it was just shy of 20lb. I was using a standard hair rig with
the Crank Offset hook. I managed four carp that day with this one being the
biggest on a 15mm Essential Cell. My tactic was to fish close to the margin over
a bed of whole and chopped boilies, and every fish I had I put at least ten whole
and chopped boilies back on the spot.
Mark Baxter – I visited a northwest venue for a day session. I arrived at the
fishery in the most awful conditions – not the best sunbathing weather. Once I
got on the lake I sat and waited to see for any signs. I noticed the wind hacking
into the far right corner, so using my instinct, I opted to at least fish one rod down
there. As the state of the bottom was unknown, I wanted something that would
present itself well, so I went for a solid bag. Inside went a 3in multi-rig with Northern Banx Choddy. I went for a 10mm Nash 4g Squid pop-up for bait. Inside the
bag was some crushed up krill boilies, some pellets and krill active mix.
It was around a 50-yard cast to get it to the spot I wanted to fish – a sandy
area that is indicated on the lake’s map on the notice board. So the bag went
down with a nice thud on the bottom, and I knew I was on the money. Time
seemed to have stood still, but only half an hour had passed, and the rod was
away, line was stripping off the spool, and the alarm was singing. I bent into the
fish and immediately knew it was decent – slow, plodding and a heavy weight. I
was unable to
stop the powerful
runs it was making. After ten minutes of getting my
arm pulled off, the
fish gasped for air.
With net quickly to
hand, the fish was
mine, and I was
over the moon.
Not only was it the
first time at the
fishery, but the
carp went all of
20lb. I couldn’t
believe it. Hard
work and perseverance paid off.
Sitting out in the
rain and watching
had given me my
Lewis Bidewell – I have been to France for a week at Etang Tissier. As I arrived at the lake, I was greeted by the bailiff who showed me last week’s catch
report on some of the pegs, so I decided to take a look around before picking
my peg. I found plenty of bubbling in front of one of the pegs, so I got my stuff
and got set up. The rig I went with was a blowback rig with the Northern Banx
Curve Shank. I was using Live System by CC Moore fished over a large bed of
wheat and maize with 6mm pellets. My first fish was this 37lb mirror.
Billy Egginton – I went down to a local club water on the 06/09/17 for a 44hour session. After spending the first 24 hours fishless, I decided a rethink was
needed. The right hand rod was moved to an area in between two weedbeds on
a patch of silt. I had seen fish amongst the weed the previous day, so I figured
there was a chance they were using the gap between. After an hour or so, I received a slow take on that rod, which resulted in a bream. I flicked the rod back
out the 30 yards and topped up the spot with about four handfuls of boilie. Less
than an hour later the rod was away again, this time with a scaly mirror of 22lb
4oz using a Ronnie rig and Nature’s Baits’ Scud.


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