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Tale of Three Fifties
chose to fish an area where I’d had
some success the two previous
springs about a mile down from the
lake opening. There was no one in the
area, so I dropped everything off, and
then dropped my car to the nearest
road bridge, as you will get fined for
driving on the paths along the canals
now. I got set up and flicked both rods
out with just stringers for the day, as
there had been a lot of anglers on at
the weekend, which meant a lot of
where else where I’d had some success in the past during the spring
period. While I was packing, I was
sure I saw a common show 100 or so
yards downwind of me, just backing
up my choice to move.
I turned up at a sort of bottleneck at
the top of the canal, where it turns
into the Dessel canal before its first
lock. This stretch is a lot narrower
than the VK – VK being around 60
yards across, whereas the Dessel is
probably only 20 yards or so across.
This does mean the barges are very
close to you. I didn’t actually put any
rods to begin with; I just set up, got a
few rigs tied up and went for a walk to
see if I could find any fish. The only
fish I found was a group of bream
spawning in a fenced off area of a
mooring bay just up to my left on the
other side of a road bridge. This is
fenced off specifically for spawning
fish, and it has a couple of narrow
channels for fish to enter/exit.
bait as well. That evening a couple of
I’ve never caught during the day in
anglers turned up to my left and right,
this area before, only at night when
which was not ideal, but I’d caught in
the barges stop, but for some reason,
this situation in the past.
I decided to place a single rod down
The following morning, I’d not seen
to my right facing the entrance to the
anything of note. It didn’t appear that
VK/KK crossing with half a dozen
any of the other anglers had either,
chopped boilies. Then I sat back in
and three of the four soon left for
my bivvy having lunch and then
work. The wind had changed and had
doing some reading. A few barges
picked up, blowing down towards the
had chugged by in both directions,
VK/KK crossing, so I chose to pack up
and I had a few bleeps on the rod, so I
again and move further up to somewent to inspect it. I found a
load of weed and debris
around the line entering the
water, so I flicked the alarm off,
cleaned off the debris and
placed the rod back on the
alarm… Note: forgetting to
switch the alarm back on!
I then noticed to my left in
the middle of the canal something floating on the surface. It
was a small, dead common of
about 3-5lbs, probably brought
down with the barges. Then I
noticed a larger object floating
not far from my right hand rod
and went to inspect, fearing
the worst. It turned out to be
someone’s pet cat dead and
bloated up, so it looked like a
dead carp to me to begin with.
I walked back to my bivvy
and rods, and as I approached
the line looked very odd. The
hanger was on the floor limp,
and the line was now pointing
53lb 15oz.
to the left by the bridge, not to


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