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In Search of
Monster Carp
Rob Maylin chats to John Elmer
ob: Well it’s the end of
September, and I find
myself back down on
the Road Lake again
only two or three
weeks after being
down here doing a piece with Kodak.
The regular readers of Big Carp will
have probably picked up in Kodak’s
piece that he mentioned a guy that he
had fished with up at Sutton called
John Elmer. John fancied doing a little
bit for the magazine, so that’s why I
have come down there today, and you
won’t believe my luck. I came round
the corner through the trees to find
about six anglers waist deep in the
Big Common 40lb
water; there was spray and thrashing
about, a huge fish in the margins in a
massive raft of weed. After about 20
minutes of Kodak slowly pulling the
weed away from the fish with the
help of Tel and just about everybody
else who was on the lake, he managed to land Starburst, which is a
really rare visitor to the bank down at
the Road Lake, and the first fish I’ve
actually seen on the bank here since I
fished here back in the late 80’s, and it
was 36lb’er – I was well pleased to
see that. As luck would have it I didn’t
bring my bloody camera with me –
idiot! I’ve been down here quite a few
times doing bits for the mag over the
years and nothing has ever happened.
I always used to bring my camera but
because nothing ever happened I didn’t bring it, but I did take a couple of
interesting shots on my phone that
has got a reasonable camera on there,
so hopefully one or two of them will
come out and you will see what I saw
when I first got here.
So I am going to pass you over to
John now, and he’s going to talk
about the history and the changes to
Sutton over the years. He’s fished
there for quite a few years, as you will
hear about, and been very successful.
It’s the first tape that John has ever
done, so bear with him, and hopefully


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