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In Search of Monster Carp
(Right) 23lb 1987-88
(Below) Baby Blind Eye 32lb.
we will get some interesting stuff and
learn a bit about a lake that has got a
lot of history in carp fishing. There are
proper old English warriors in there,
lovely looking fish. Anyway I’ve rabbited on long enough, so here’s John.
John: Thanks, Rob. That was a bit
mad what just happened here. I’m a
bit stunned to tell you the truth. Obviously I would like to thank Kodak and
Tel and the fellas that have come
round and helped me get the fish in.
To start off with about Sutton – it was
probably at the age of about five or six
when I used to ride through there on
my bike. I vaguely remember the Car
Park Lake at the time being back
filled, which obviously is where Bazil
came from, and ended up on the
North Lake. I remember going over
there a lot on my bike, and I’ve seen a
lot of changes over the years. I got
into fishing at a very young age, and
did my apprenticeship like a lot of the
older carp anglers now have done. I
did my roach fishing and my tench
fishing on Sutton, on the Car Park
Lake, and on the Back Lake. I was at
school one day, and a friend of mine
who used to fish with his uncle a lot
on the Syndicate Lake Sutton at Hone
Two, came in with this whacking
great big picture of an 11lb common,
and all of a sudden I wanted to
progress. It was just I had done two or
three years tench fishing, and just
thought it was time for the step up.
I remember rightly I did a hell of a
lot of time learning from trying to
watch people. At the time there was a
fella who I am very good friends with
now, and who Rob also knows from
the Yateley days – Keith Sullivan. I


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