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In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Black Pods 25lb
(Below) Black Spot 27lb
was basically just trying to learn and
get as much information off these fellas that I could, and over the years I
think it has helped; I have fished with
some pretty good anglers, and I’m
very observant. There was always a
fella just that little step ahead in my
eyes, who was a very good friend of
mine, Ian Tester. He died at work
believe it or not, which was a right
tragedy. He was the equivalent of a
David Beckham; he was born with a
talent, and just made carp fishing look
so easy. He had a knack for mixer fishing, but was just as good on the bottom; he was just a natural born angler.
I am trying to recall back to one of
my first catches; I’m looking at the
photo now, and I must admit it’s a bit
of a dodgy photo, but I think at the
time I was about seven or eight years
old. As I said I did a lot of time, and I
had gone down to the Chicken Swim
if I remember rightly. I went down on
my own; it was quite busy, and Keith
turned up from being up in the North
or the Car Park Lake. I was fishing a
Black Medallion leger rod believe it or
not, and off it rattled. I had a big audience around me then as it goes, the
likes of Keith, and obviously at a very
young age you panic. It battled quite
well if I remember rightly, but in the
end I had my first ever Sutton carp, a
nice 17lb common. As a young kid I
was ecstatic, and that was it to me –
Sutton had cast its spell. I’m very fortunate in that I live two minutes from
the lake. I’ve lived round the area over
recent years, and I’ve got more and
more dedicated to it. I’ve always been
dedicated to it, but I took a spell out
not long after Ian died. I was at that
age when I was going out clubbing


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