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In Search Of Monster Carp
another thing; I had my van broken
into when I was there fishing; luckily
enough my big scales were under the
seat and they never found them, but
they nicked a load of bits and pieced
out of there, so I used to leave my
scales at home. Kenny was down in
Somerset with John, and I went over
there at the weekend. I fished off this
point and there was a load of weed; it
was the time of year when it was all
coming up on the surface and drifting
about. We often saw the wind blowing in to where this particular point
was, and it was a peculiar wind, I
think it was a northwesterly. It wasn’t
a nice wind really, but it used to hit
this bank, and I just had a feeling
about it, I don’t know why. I found
that if I came round the back of Moor
Lane I think it was, I could drive
through this little bit of a farmyard,
and there was a gate, and I could
drive across the railway and onto
Yeoveney, and park in this broken
down old barn and nobody would
know my car was there. That was the
reason why we didn’t fish that bank,
because it was so open.
I fished there a couple of weekends,
and I might have seen one or two fish
roll, but anyway, I don’t know what
time of day it was, but I had a take. I
hooked a fish and it went off like an
express train; I was trying to fight it,
and it was going further round into
this bay. I was walking round in the
margins, and there was these little
willow saplings that had grown up
and gone potty in the sun, and I was
(Top) Yeoveney setup.
(Right) 38lb-plus, Yeoveney.
holding my rod up. Anyway, it went
into the weed in this bay, and I was
pulling and pulling, and eventually I
had this great big mound of weed out
in front of me. I was wondering if it
was still there or not, and I was parting the weed, and all of a sudden I
saw this big back. I got in the water
and lifted it out in my arms, weed and
everything, carried it up the bank, and
that turned out to be 25lb 8oz. Funnily
enough either a dog walker or a bird
watcher came along, and I asked if he
could take a couple of photos for me.
He took a couple of photos, and I was
in the distance. I was so disappointed,
but anyway it gave me hope; I
thought if there’s one, there could be
I think it was the next week, we
had a meeting at the Crooked Billet,
so I thought to myself, on the Tuesday
night, I’ll go over there and put a load
of bait in. So I did that, and I went
down a couple of times and baited up.
At the time I was going out with this
girl Maureen, and she came with me,
so she knew where I was. Anyway, I
did this weekend, and the amount of
fish I saw rolling and humping out in
front of me in open water was unbelievable; I had never seen so many.
After being there for months and
months and months and hardly seeing anything, this particular weekend
it was nuts – and the size of them! I
just couldn’t get over the size of some
of the fish I was seeing – I knew that
they were big. I thought to myself, I’ll
phone Kenny because he was supposed to be coming back, so I phoned
him and let him know, but he had to
stay down there for an extra week.
When he was fishing with John, they
were out on this platform, Kenny was
playing a fish, and it went over one of
his other lines. John thought he had
another take, and struck the other rod,
but the bottle top came off, and hit
Kenny in the eye. Kenny ended up in
hospital; they wouldn’t let him move,
so he ended up staying down there
for another week. He came home and
I told him the amount of fish I had


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