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In Search Of Monster Carp
After losing Yeoveney, we decided
to go back onto Yateley. There was
still this big fish I had seen in North
Lake that I fancied catching, so we
went down onto Yateley and baited
up during that closed season. I had
the Yeoveney brace in 1978, so this is
about 1979 because as I say, I had
seen that one in the North Lake, the
big one. Anyway, we decided we
would start off on Yateley that particular year, and we went a couple of
days early to beat the rush, but there
was no one on it apart from one tench
angler, Alan Wilson, and we got to
know him very well. He came from
Blackpool; he fished in all those reservoirs up at Tring, and ended up living
in a motor caravan, fishing all the
time. When we met him, he had two
bivvies set up on the banks of the
North Lake, one for his cooking gear,
and I said to him, “How long you here
for?” He said, “Three weeks.” But he
was a nice bloke, Alan, and we got on
well with him. Of course we fished
the first week, but I don’t think we
had anything. Kenny might have had
one, I can’t remember, but we had a
few tench. Because we were working,
we used to go down there and have a
word with Alan, and he’d tell us if
(Above) Bazil 31lb 8oz July 79 –
Yateley north lake.
(Left) 20lb 6oz linear, north lake,
anyone had been down, and whether
he had seen any carp and what-haveyou.
The other couple of guys we
bumped into fishing the Car Park
Lake were Terry Lampard and his
mate Tim, and we got on well with
them too; they were tench fishing.
Alan Wilson was a bit of a character –
they were bloody good times. We
fished it on and off, and it was probably about three or four weeks into the
season that I went down there, and it
was a hot day. I was walking round; I
spotted this big one in the North
Lake, and I had my floater gear with
me, but it wouldn’t actually come up
onto the surface. I was watching it
swimming around, and I worked out
the route he was taking most of the
time, and I thought if I could anchor a
bit of floater cake under the surface,
directly in his line of vision, he might
just have it. So I fiddled about for ages
to get it so it was right, and where I


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