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In Search Of Monster Carp
could actually see it, and I flicked it
out in amongst this weedbed. Anyway, sure enough he came round, and
to my surprise he took it straight
away. While I was playing this fish, I
knew it was the big one, as I had
seen. I landed it, and to my surprise,
when I weighed it, it only went 31lb
6oz or 31lb 8oz, I can’t remember the
exact weight now, but I was most surprised because I could have sworn it
would be at least 35lbs. Then I sacked
it up, and I went and got Tim Norman
and Terry, who came round to photograph it for me. When I held it up for
the camera, all this milt was oozing
out all over me, and my hand went up
into its gut. I bumped into this young
guy, either that day or a day later, and
he said he had seen them spawning
the day before, so it had obviously
spawned and a lot of the weight had
gone – not that it really matters. That
turned out to be the fish they called
Bazil in the end. I think that was only
the second time it had ever been
caught; Kevin Clifford had caught it a
couple of years previously at 30lb 8oz,
and then I had it, and then I think the
next time it came out, it was to either
Terry Norman or Chris Riddington at
Anyway, we carried on fishing, and
I used to spend a lot of time walking
round looking. The North Lake was a
long walk from the Car Park then; I
think now they have altered it around
since, and the Car Park Lake and the
North are slightly bigger. Anyway, one
weekend I went over there, and
Kenny came up and sorted out a spot
we were each going to fish. No one
else was on the lake then, apart from
Alan Wilson; we never saw another
bloody soul on there, which was
lovely for us really. Terry and Tim were
fishing the Car Park Lake all the time.
I dumped my gear down on the North
Lake, and I had left something in the
van, so I said to Kenny, “I’m going
back to my van mate, I’ll be back in a
minute.” As I was walking along the
river bank, by the Car Park Lake, I saw
a couple of fish on the surface in some
weed. I looked and thought, that
looks big, and then I thought, no, no, it
can’t be. I stood there for a minute or
two; it swam round, and I thought,
that it is bloody enormous, that’s got
to be 40lbs. So I went back to the van,
got whatever I wanted, came back,
and sure enough it was still in this
same spot, so I cut up a bit of floater
cake and fired it out. They swam
round and I saw this one come up for
it, and I thought, bloody hell, my rods
are up on the North Lake! I started
running all the way back, and I said to
Kenny, “Sod this lake, let’s get down
on the Car Park!” He said, “Why,
what’s the matter?” I said, “You just
come with me. I’m going to grab a rod
– follow me!” So I grabbed a rod and I
got back into the spot just as it was
swimming out. By the time he got
next to me, Kenny just saw it going off
into the distance, and he didn’t see
what size it was, so I said to him, “I
t e l l y o u w h a t Ke n n y, w i t h o u t a
shadow of a doubt, that’s over 40lbs,
So with that, we got the gear down
onto the Car Park Lake and we started
fishing it. I know Tim had a fish that I
now know as Heather the Leather; he
had that at about 26lbs or so – I can’t
remember the exact weight – they
were both tench fishing. I think they
pulled off eventually because it got
weedy and they weren’t catching the
tench, so they went somewhere else.
But anyway, Kenny and I were fishing
it, and I can’t remember whether we
had anything or not. One particular
weekend we were on there, and I said
to him, “I’m going to have a wander
round and see if I can see this fish.” So
his one particular weekend, I think it
was a Saturday morning, I went up to
the top end, in between the North
Lake and Car Park Lake. I found fish
up the top end, and there was the big
one. In the meantime a week before,
or whenever, we bumped into Chris
Ball and he said to me, “I’ve seen a
fish in here… Big!” So I said, “Tell me
how big it is Chris, and I’ll tell you
whether I think it is the same fish I
have seen.” He said “Oh, about 30-
Heather 26lb from the Car Park.


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