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In Search Of Monster Carp
(Left) Kenny with a 42 off the top from
the Car Park 1979.
(Below) Wraysbury’s Olive, early 80’s.
35lbs,” and I said, “No mate, it’s more
like 40lbs.” He had obviously seen the
same fish, and anyway, I went back to
Kenny, and I said, “Grab a rod mate,
that fish is up the top end; we’ll go up
there”. So we both grabbed a rod
each and some floater cake, went up
the top end, and sure enough it was
out about 20-30ft from the bank, in
between this gorse bush or bramble
bush. So I said to Kenny, “You go one
side and I’ll go the other side.” So
Kenny took the right-hand side, and I
went to the left-hand side of this
bush. We both put out a bit of floater
cake, and he was sitting in between
us, taking no notice.
We’d been there for about half an
hour I suppose, just watching, when
all of a sudden three geezers came
walking along in white shirts, clomping round. They came up to me and
said, “Alright mate,” and with that,
there was a boil on the surface, and
the fish disappeared. I said a few
choice words, and I didn’t want to
talk to them, so they went off, and I
don’t know who they were. So we
both cast out again, and this time I
saw the fish come in, but he was a bit
more on the right-hand side towards
Ken. I thought, he’s going to have that
fish in a minute, and I was watching,
and I could see it was edging closer
and closer to this bit of floater cake.
All of a sudden I saw his whole mouth
go over it, and there was this great
big eruption. I dropped my rod, ran
round the bramble bush, and there
was Kenny, flat on his back, his rod in
the air, shouting, “I’m in!” I said, “I
know you are, mate; it’s the big one.”
He couldn’t quite see it, because of
the way the light was. Anyway it didn’t put up a fight, we got it in, and it
was big. Anyway, we got the scales,
weighed it, and it was 42lbs, but it
was spawny, very spawny. I was
pleased that I had been right with the
weight; it was over 40lbs. So anyway,
we took a few photos, slipped it back,
and I thought to myself, I’m staying
on this lake for the rest of the season,
because I don’t think it will be around
next season. I had a few other fish,
and I had that Heather the Leather,
and there was another little leather
that I had too. Another one I caught
was Starburst. I think I hooked the big
one because it was about one day
when I lost one. There was a bar at
the top end, and it quite often used to
swim up and down and long this bar.
I put the old floater cake out and well,
I am sure it was that one, but I had a
take on the other side of the bar, and
the line parted and that was it.
I fished all through the winter, and
had nothing, and then I went back the


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